5 Tips to Avoid Dust in Your Home in Dubai


In Dubai, it’s fairly common that you’re hardly finished with dusting and deep cleaning your home and there’s already a new layer of dust sitting on the furniture and floors. The city’s tropical climate invites sand storms quite often, especially in summer. As a result, dust seeps through windows, AC vents, shoes, and doors themselves. That ultimately requires deep cleaning. Homeowners hence would have to get it done through a reliable deep cleaning company in Dubai.Β 

Dust doesn’t just make the house look unclean, it’s also bad for health. For someone with respiratory infections, these allergens in the dust can get to them. The good thing is that besides professional cleaning, with small and consistent measures, it’s possible to keep the dust at bay. 

How to Prevent Having Dust in Your Home in Dubai

Let’s introduce you to some tips to breathe easy and make your house dust-free:

1: Use a Microfiber Cloth for Wiping Surfaces 

A microfiber cloth attracts and holds dust with its electrostatic charge. This makes it one of the best tools for wiping dust away from ceiling fans, blinds, furniture, and any other surface. Instead of a duster, use this cloth to wipe dust from the surface.Β 

2: Invest in a Fiber Doormat 

It’s not always the vents or windows that invite dirt. Our shoes do too. Shoes bring filth, bacteria, and dust into the house. Getting a fiber doormat and placing it outside the door can help solve much of the problem. 

Set up a new rule in your house: before entering your home, everyone must wipe their feet on the doormat and remove their shoes. Another way to prevent dirt and sand from entering the house is to leave the shoes in a shoe cabinet at the entrance. This rule may not apply to guests but other members in the house can certainly abide. 

3: Ditch Dry Dusting and Use a Vacuum Instead 

Cleaning surfaces in your home with a dry cloth or a feather duster only makes it spread dust around. Similarly, when you pat down the sofas or cushions, this removes the dust temporarily. In fact, this practice raises clouds of dust in the air that settles down on the floor and the upholstery again.

The right approach is to vacuum as it sucks up the dust and keeps it from accumulating. If you’re to use a dusting cloth, make sure it’s slightly damp. Otherwise, all you’re doing is scuffing the surface and pushing the dust around. 

4: Keep the Windows Closed 

Because a majority of dust enters through windows, if you live on the lower levels of an apartment building, keep your windows closed as much as possible. Early in the morning, when there is still dew and morning mist outside, dust does not come in as much. Take advantage of this time to open your windows for fresh air. 

You may also install a mesh screen on your windows to keep most of the dust out. Just make sure to wash it frequently to get rid of the dust that has gathered. Placing plants on the windowsill can also filter dust. 

5: Change the Bedding and Towels Every Week 

While you’re keeping the house clean, don’t forget your bedroom and bathroom. These are ideal places for dust mites to hide. Therefore, it’s recommended to wash bed linens, towels, and bath mats once a week. 

6: Check the Air Filters

Check the air filters on your heating and air-conditioning system regularly. As the air circulates, it can trap dust in the filters; preventing it from entering the living space. This trapped dust needs monthly cleaning.

Use HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of mold, pollen, dust, bacteria, and other airborne particles. Consider changing and cleaning the filters in your clothes dryer and range hoods as well.

7: Remove Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets attract dust like a magnet. They also frequently attract paper scraps, pet hair, and dirt from shoes. Ideally, you should consider removing them altogether. However, if you can’t remove them completely, use fewer pieces. Vacuum the common areas twice a week and the rest of the carpets once every week.Β 

Having Regular Deep Cleaning Is the Answer! 

When cleaning the house, always start from the top and work your way down. Vacuuming or mopping should be the last chore you finish in each area, especially if you don’t want the dust to spread around the house. In addition to following these cleaning tips, you can book a deep cleaning service once every month for a thorough cleaning.

Through ServiceMarket, connect with the best deep cleaning professionals in Dubai. Read reviews, compare, request quotes, and then choose accordingly.Β 

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