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General Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai

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Cleaning companies in Dubai usually offer at least two packages: regular and deep cleaning services. In most cases, the former costs significantly less than the latter. That is why most people decide not to opt for deep cleaning in Dubai. Also, when companies claim to service your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and hallway in both services, why would you want to pay extra for deep cleaning! 

Before you act on that thought, know that there are key differences between the two. Here’s a breakdown of what exactly is included in each of these cleaning services. 

What Is a General Cleaning Service? 

If you book a home cleaning service, professional cleaners in Dubai will carry out tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, tidying, and mopping. What’s more, they will even do the dishes and laundry. Your fridge, interior windows, and the bathrooms will be cleaned as well. Everything will be washed and wiped with the help of basic cleaning products. This can include detergent, water, disinfectant, and toilet cleaners. For a general cleaning service, you might have to bring the cleaners back every week or so. 

What to Expect from Deep Cleaning in Dubai

Deep cleaning entails a lot more than just dusting and wiping. It is a much more thorough process. Here is everything you can expect:  

Living Room and Study  

  • Cleaners will dust and wipe all cabinets from the inside 
  • Once they finish cleaning, they’ll rearrange all the items 
  • They will wipe down windows from the inside and remove stains  
  • Professional cleaners will also wipe down windowsills and grills
  • All reachable surfaces such as shelves, tables, counters, furniture will be wiped  
  • You can expect also expect clean ornaments and decorative pieces  
  • Even difficult-to-reach areas such as the tops of wardrobes and high shelves will be clean 
  • The cleaners will vacuum and mop all the floors
  • They will even clean room corners and areas behind and under your furniture 
  • You will have polished furniture and visible AC grills/vents 
  • They will empty the trash cans and bins and put in fresh liners 
  • The dusting also includes all sofas, upholstery, and curtains


Expect to have a spotless kitchen because the cleaners will be:

  • Emptying all cabinets and dusting them  
  • Rearranging all items back into the cabinets as they were before  
  • Cleaning any stains
  • Vacuuming and mopping all floors  
  • Washing down corners and the area under fixtures such as sinks 
  • Cleaning of walls and shel& [mHRF 2:S⳱X@ves inside the refrigerator to remove stains  
  • Dusting and wiping the stovetop  
  • Cleaning countertops, cabinet doors, tables, furniture, and visible AC grills
  • Scrubbing the oven and microwave from the inside to remove stains and food remnants 
  • Thoroughly cleaning windows, sills, and grills from the inside 
  • Emptying all trash cans and changing bin liners 
  • Washing the dirty dishes and cleaning the sink and faucet afterward


This cleaning process covers wiping, cleaning, and scrubbing of:

  • All cabinets from the inside
  • Countertops and shelves as well as shower stall walls
  • Bathroom sink, bathtub, bidet, showerheads, taps, and other water fixtures  
  • Toilet and mirror (this includes removing stains) 
  • Floors  

The cleaners will also remove stains from corners and even the area under sinks and washing machines at the end. And oh, you will have empty trash cans with fresh bin liners!


  • The dusting of all reachable surfaces such as shelves, tables, counters, and furniture.  
  • Carefully cleaning all ornaments and decorative pieces  
  • Even difficult-to-reach areas such as the tops of wardrobes and high shelves are cleaned
  • Vacuuming and mopping all floors
  • Cleaning room corners and areas behind and under furniture
  • Cleaners will polish all furniture and visible AC grills/vents
  • You can expect spotless windows and sills
  • Clean upholstery and curtains
  • Fresh sheets and pillowcases
  • New bin liners for all trash cans


  • Spotless balcony furniture with no stains 
  • Clean floors that include corners and hard-to-reach areas
  • Cleaners will dust and wipe down the balcony railing
  • You can expect squeaky clean doors and windows

Garden/Outdoor Area  

  • The professional cleaners will dust all lawn furniture

Materials Included in the Deep Cleaning Package

When the professionals show up at your house for cleaning in Dubai, they don’t come empty-handed. Most of the cleaning material they will use is also included in the total package. Here are some things that they bring along: 


  • Bucket 
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Microfiber cloths 
  • Duster 
  • Rags 
  • Toilet brush 
  • Brushes (for floor/surfaces) 
  • Squeegee/wiper (for floors) 
  • Sponges 


  • Glass cleaner 
  • Furniture polish 
  • Surface cleaner/multipurpose cleaner spray 
  • Disinfectant 
  • Floor cleaner/detergent 
  • Stain remover 
  • Bin liners 
  • Dishwash liquid 

The Verdict

So, even though both cleaning services involve the cleaners tackling the same rooms, deep cleaning is a more intensive and thorough procedure. It cleans the corners of the house that you would never have thought needed cleaning! General cleaning should be done regularly to keep your house free of dust, dirt, and other allergens. However, you would need to hire professional services for deep cleaning in Dubai as you can’t do that yourself regularly. For example, when you’re expecting to host a large number of guests at your place or for an after-party cleanup.  

Through ServiceMarket, you can obtain and compare quotes from the most reliable and efficient cleaning companies in Dubai. Moreover, you can go through customer reviews to see how the experience has been for others. 

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