7 Top Secret Cleaning Tips for Your Sharjah Home

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No matter how regularly we clean our homes, dirt and dust gathers up in hidden places. We often end up spending more time on cleaning chores that we have to because our techniques are inefficient. In addition, there are times when some stains just refuse to go away even after hours of scrubbing. To help you clean your home more effectively, ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for cleaning services in Sharjah, has put together these top secret cleaning tips:

  • How to erase resilient rust stains: It can be very difficult to remove rust stains with the usual cleaning agents. What you need is a cleaning agent with acid that can dissolve the rust. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is very effective for removing rust stains. Just squeeze a lemon on the rust stain, let it dissolve the rust for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash the surface. You can also use a cleaning product that contains hydrochloric acid. Β Β Β Β Β Β 
  • Steam cleaning can do the trick: It’s ideal for deep cleaning carpets, tile floors and greasy surfaces, especially if your vacuum cleaner isn’t up to the task. You can rent or buy a steam cleaner to properly clean your house. Alternatively, use ServiceMarket to get quotes from multiple cleaning companies for steam cleaning. Another benefit of steam cleaning your mattress and furniture is that it kills bed bugs due to the heat.
  • Use vinegar to remove mineral deposits: Faucets, taps and showerheads lose their sparkle as mineral deposits slowly gather on their surface. However, there is an easy way to get rid of these mineral deposit stains. Simply soak a piece of cloth in vinegar and wipe the stained surfaces. If you have a large mineral deposit build up, then you can soak the items in the vinegar overnight and then rinse and wipe them the next morning.
  • Use a squeegee to clean windows and other glass surfaces: If you have ever used a damp cloth to clean windows or glass tables, you must have noticed streaks and marks on the surface after it dries. To avoid this and keep the glass shiny, use a high quality squeegee. Just add some dish soap to a bucket of water, wash the glass surface with it, and wipe it away with a squeegee. Β 
  • Improve your dusting technique with the right tools: You might have noticed that cotton rags and paper towels are not effective tools for routine dusting. Instead, use a feather duster or microfiber cloth, both of which create a strong static charge that attracts dust particles. Β 
  • How to remove bathroom mold: Even regular cleaning can’t keep mold from growing in your bathroom if it isn’t well-ventilated and remains damp. You can use a spray bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide to get rid of mold. Just spray on it, let it do it work for 5 minutes, and then clean the surface. Just make sure to wear gloves and keep any children and pets away from the area while you are cleaning it as hydrogen peroxide can be very harmful.
  • Try professional deep cleaning services: Book a deep cleaning service at least once a month to keep your home in an excellent condition. They go the extra mile to erase stains, remove dust from hidden corners, and thoroughly clean your electronics and appliances.

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