AC Maintenance: Tips from Experts in Dubai

AC maintenance in Dubai

We are all used to the soaring temperatures that make us seek refuge in air-conditioned rooms. However, without regular AC maintenance in Dubai, we could suddenly find ourselves with a non-functional AC unit on a hot day. That is why ServiceMarket had a chat with the AC maintenance experts from MFM Technical Services to get their advice on how to keep our AC units running smoothly throughout the year.

How often do we need to get our AC units serviced? And why?

Regular servicing is essential for the maintenance of your unit. We normally recommend one major service a year and four minor ones. Some benefits of regular service include:

  1. Increased dependability: The chances of an AC unit breaking down are reduced drastically.
  2. Prevention of major problems: Small issues can lead to eventual malfunctions. Through regular servicing, potential problems can be identified early on and prevented.
  3. Increased efficiency: A well-maintained AC unit works much better than a neglected unit which in turn leads to lower energy costs for the homeowner. Energy efficiency is also essential for sustainable living and therefore, protects the environment.
  4. Prolonged lifespan: A well-maintained unit won’t need to be replaced as frequently as a neglected one.
  5. Safe and healthy operation: AC units that aren’t maintained can cause health issues such as respiratory problems and headaches.
  6. Less expensive: Breakdowns usually happen at night or on weekends when maintenance rates are higher. Regular servicing prevents such occurrences.

What type of regular maintenance can we do on our own and when do we need to hire a professional technician?

Homeowners could learn how to clean the unit’s air filters on their own. However, we would suggest that an experienced AC technician is called for all other inspection and servicing needs.

What is the best way to make sure that your AC remains in good shape during winter when it is used less?

Periodic AC maintenance checks will greatly help in ensuring efficient operations throughout the year.

What services can we expect from a professional service technician? What do you typically do in an AC servicing?

As mentioned before, we provide minor and major servicing for AC units. A typical minor routine AC service includes cleaning or replacing the filters, checking the compressor and condensate pump, and cleaning the outdoor unit, if it is deemed necessary. A major AC service, on the other hand, would include coil and duct cleaning.

How much can we expect to pay for AC maintenance annually? How much does an AC servicing typically cost?

Minor AC servicing normally costs 179 dirhams per unit. However, major AC maintenance depends on the size and make of the unit. Customers can easily get quotes for this through ServiceMarket.

Can you share some tips on how we can keep our AC in top condition?

Inspect the AC regularly for any damage to its coils or insulation. Also, ensure that the vents are open and the airflow is not blocked. Finally, remember to clean the air filters and outdoor coils regularly.

About MFM Technical Services

MFM Technical Services is a leading property maintenance company in the UAE that guarantees a rapid response and commitment to all its domestic and commercial property customers’ maintenance needs. The services the maintenance company offers include facilities management, reactive building maintenance, water tank cleaning, restaurant hood cleaning, and all types of maintenance services relevant to plumbing, carpentry, electrical testing, roofing, AC, and heating. The team at MFM Technical Services strives to offer exceptional customer service and value for money in a friendly, family environment.

If you are having trouble with your unit and want to know what the problem is, have a look at this list of the five most common AC problems faced by Dubai residents. Or better yet, let a professional handle it for you! Hire a highly experienced maintenance company like MFM Technical Services to come to inspect your AC. You could also compare quotes from various AC maintenance companies on ServiceMarket before you book a professional technician.

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