Is Your AC Making You Sick? Here’s What You Need to Know About AC Cleaning

AC maintenance in the UAE

With the sun bearing down on us with full force, we are all glad to seek refuge in air conditioned spaces. If you haven’t had an AC service in Dubai in the last 6 months, then chances are that your AC is not in the best condition, and it could actually be making you sick! ACs that are not maintained properly can cause a long list of health issues, such as skin irritation, respiratory system illnesses, headaches, and even general fatigue. At ServiceMarket we work with the best AC maintenance companies in Dubai and can help you find the right service provider for all of your AC woes.  

Not taking proper care of your AC can make you sick. Here’s how:

Many of us spend most of the day in air conditioned rooms or offices.If you feel your health is suffering, you may not know it yet, but your air conditioner could be the culprit that is making you sick. Whether you’re an avid user of your air conditioner, or just turn it on occasionally, it’s good to be aware of the possible side effects your AC may be inflicting on your health and what to do to ensure that you are not negatively affected.  

When air conditioning systems  are not cleaned carefully and filters are not changed regularly, a den for different kinds of bacteria and fungi is created. These systems can become a home to black mold, as moisture can accumulate in the coils when the cold air passes through. This mould can lead to multiple respiratory problems or can cause symptoms similar to those of a cold. Regular AC servicing and cleaning your AC ducts every few months will help to prevent this.

It’s important to know that an older or poorly maintained air conditioner may not work as efficiently as a newer one, resulting in poor air circulation, leaving you feeling weak and exhausted. Generally feeling ill, fatigue and headaches can also be signs your AC is malfunctioning. Also, temperature matters. If you find yourself having dry skin, or getting frequent headaches, try setting the AC temperature a few degrees warmer and make sure you are drinking water frequently. Sitting in an enclosed space with an AC blowing very cold air can easily cause headaches, body aches and dry skin.  

Prevention is Better than Cure

AC systems need to be very well-maintained, thoroughly checked and regularly cleaned, or all benefits are stamped out by the health hazards it poses. Nobody can deny that air conditioners are a blessing, especially in Dubai’s blistering heat, but, keeping your AC systems well maintained is key.

Make sure to have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. Also make sure that your filters are cleaned at least once every few months. At ServiceMarket you can find the best AC servicing companies in Dubai. Safeguard your health and ensure that your AC is functioning properly by heading online to book an AC service today!

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