Annual Checklist for Home Maintenance in Dubai

Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist for Dubai Residents

A comprehensive yearly checklist for annual maintenance in Dubai can be quite useful to keep your home in top shape for stress-free living. It will also help you keep your Dubai home visually appealing for visitors and guests. While the idea of following a yearly maintenance checklist can seem taxing, regular upkeep of your home, whether it is an apartment or villa, minimizes the need for future repairs or major refurbishment. Even though the list is long, the good news is that you can do the majority of it on your own. This doesn’t mean, though, that you have to – if you are worried about not having enough time or the right expertise for any of the tasks, hire a maintenance company in Dubai to help.

Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist for Dubai Residents

We have listed the tasks that need to be done monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually. This list is, by no means, exhaustive or set in stone. You can edit it according to your schedule, living space and past experience.


Test the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. You can do this by pressing and holding the test button on a detector. If a loud, piercing alarm doesn’t emanate from it, you need to replace the batteries.

Clean the garbage disposal. You can use orange or lemon peels along with a handful of ice to remove build up in the disposal. Throw the peels and ice in and grind it all up. The ice helps to sharpen dull blades.


Replace detector batteries. If you don’t want to be woken up at 3 in the morning by a blaring detector alarm warning you of low batteries, it is best to replace the batteries periodically.

Run water and flush toilets in guest rooms. This also applies to any other unused spaces and ensures that there is no buildup or blockage. When you finally have to use the faucet or toilet, it will be working smoothly.

Clean AC air filter. To ensure efficient cooling, regularly clean the air filters of any air conditioning units in your home. Rinse the filter in the sink, wash with dishwashing liquid and a soft bristle brush and dry before popping it back in.


Clear up dead plants and shrubs. Plants can make their way into the cracks in the exterior of your home, worsening a problem. Regularly yard maintenance will help prevent such a problem from arising.

Drain and clean water heater. Sediment build up can reduce the functionality of the water heating system. Flushing the system and cleaning up the sediment will ensure its longevity.


Vacuum refrigerator coils. Grime build up on the coils reduces the efficiency of the refrigerator and results in higher electricity bills.

Check sinks and toilets for leaks. You can also check for water pressure. Repair as needed.

Check fire extinguisher. Check for functionality. You don’t want to end up with an empty or broken extinguisher when you need it the most.

Inspect and repair interior and exterior walls. Do paint touch ups or apply a whole new coat, if required.

Clean kitchen range hood filter. The purpose of this filter is to collect grease. If left neglected, it will stop doing its job and will be difficult to clean.

Declutter and clean the garage. Clean up oil stains and inspect the garage door for functionality. Donate or discard any unwanted items that you were storing in the garage.

Inspect and repair weather stripping around doors and windows. You don’t want cool air to be escape from any cracks in the weather stripping or dust from dust storms to get in.

Clean curtains and blinds. Vacuum or steam clean curtains and dust blinds for a healthier home.

Declutter and clean the basement. Most people end up using the basement as a dumping ground for all unwanted items. Gather up everything you don’t need and donate it before hiring a deep cleaning service.

Book an AC maintenance service in Dubai. All AC units need at least one major service a year to ensure maximum efficiency.

Inspect for signs of bug and pest infestations. Regular inspection prevents a single unwanted guest incident from turning into an infestation. Thoroughly check the basement, kitchen cupboards and pantry, especially in the summer. Call a pest control service, if you spot a sign or the intruder.

Clean outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures. Just a general wipe down is enough.

Remove lint from dryer vent. Lint in your dryer vent is a fire risk. Use a brush and vacuum to clean it up.

Inspect and repair flooring. While it is rare, you mind need to replace floorboards. More commonly, refinishing is need to fix a scratched, scuffed and dull hardwood floor.

Remove and clean shower heads. Clean up the sediment to ensure proper pressure in the shower head.

Check locks on windows and doors. Replace as needed.

Wash windows and clean sills. This is especially important after a dust storm.

Check gutters and drainage. Leaves tend to accumulate in gutters. Clear up the debris to prevent blockage.

Clean and touch up doors and baseboards. Little touch ups are all that is needed sometimes to improve the look of your home.

Deep clean home. At least once a year, book a cleaning service to deep clean your home. You need this to prevent dust and grime build up in the nooks and crannies of your home.

Check electrical outlets and wiring. If you notice any sparks or a dead outlet, call the electrician. Also, test all Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters to ensure they are in working order.

We hope you that you now feel more informed about the maintenance needs of your home. If you notice something that needs a closer inspection or repair, head on to ServiceMarket to get quotes from annual maintenance companies in Dubai to come and fix the issue.

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