A Bachelor’s Guide to Managing Cleaning Chores in Doha

Cleaning in Doha

You’re a single guy in Doha. You work long hours and enjoy your weekends to the fullest. But you frequently find that cleaning chores creep up on you. This doesn’t have to be the case every week. You can start to integrate small chores into your daily routine. The home cleaning experts at ServiceMarket have put together this guide for busy bachelors so that they can stop falling behind on chores and keep their homes clean with minimal effort.

Break it up

Having a clean home can have massive positive mental and psychological implications. The only thing you need to do is find the time for housekeeping. The easiest way to get started is to break up the overall job of cleaning into smaller daily and weekly tasks. Many people ignore the mess until it cannot be ignored anymore and then have to spend an entire weekend sorting their apartment out. Breaking up the task makes the job of cleaning up your home more manageable and ensures that you don’t need to spend a lot of time every day on cleaning. It also enables you to keep your apartment squeaky clean every day of the week.

Establish a routine

Once you have broken down your tasks into smaller chunks, you can begin to establish a daily routine. Below is a suggested plan of attack to keep your home tidy every day of the week and prevent the chores from becoming insurmountable:

Every day:

  • Make your bed.
  • Wipe down the counters in your kitchen.
  • Wash the dishes as soon as you use them.
  • Give each room a quick sweep to get rid of the dust build-up on your floors.
  • Do a small load of laundry every second evening (whites, darks, towels, denim, etc.) so that you will not have to worry about running out of anything to wear at the end of the week.


  • Dust the shelves and surfaces in the living areas.


  • Clean the toilet.
  • Wipe down the basin and taps in your bathroom.


  • Clean the mirrors.
  • Give windows a wipe if you find they are looking grimy.


  • Vacuum your apartment floors.
  • Mop your floors so your home is weekend-ready.


  • Check if there are any leftovers from the previous week in your fridge and remove them.
  • Wipe down your fridge (inside and outside).
  • Wipe the microwave (inside and outside).
  • Clean the kitchen sink.


  • Make this laundry day by completing all the laundry you didn’t get around to during the week.
  • This can also be clean sheets day! Strip down the linen on your bed and put on a clean set to prepare you for the week ahead.


  • This would be an ideal day to get a house cleaning service in Doha to complete the things that you didn’t get to in the week.

Keeping a tidy home does not have to be a mammoth task. Breaking it up daily and hiring a reputable cleaning service in Doha will ensure that cleaning your home is at the bottom of the list of things to worry about. We also recommend creating a playlist or choosing a podcast to listen to as you follow your new cleaning routine.

Stock your cleaning cupboard

Of course, you can’t establish a routine and do your daily tasks without having the correct cleaning materials. Having these basic cleaning materials in your home is often all you need to get started and is a big step toward establishing your routine. If you prefer to be eco-friendly, use these green cleaning tips to keep your home as healthy and natural as possible.

  • Multi-purpose cleaner: It’s all in the name! This type of cleaner will remove dust and dirt and can be used almost everywhere in your home – on countertops, to taps, walls, bathroom fixtures, etc.
  • Microfiber cloths: These can be used to clean just about anything. They are absorbent, leave a streak-free finish when wiping away dirt and grime, and are great for picking up dust on different surfaces.
  • A broom and a pan & duster: Brooms are good for sweeping and the pan and duster can be used to scoop up the resulting dust piles around your home.
  • A vacuum cleaner: A powerful vacuum cleaner will suck up the dust and dirt and get into tight corners in a way that a broom just can’t. The benefit of vacuuming your apartment is that you don‘t need to worry about dust escaping as it is sucked directly into the canister.
  • A bucket and mop: All great housekeepers have a good mop and bucket in their home. Sweeping and vacuuming are not always enough to give the floors the sparkle they need and mopping will remove dirt marks from your tiles.
  • Vinegar: If there is just one product that you must have in your home, it is white vinegar. This acts as a natural and versatile cleaning product and is perfect for breaking down grease and grime all around the house.

If all else fails…

If you find that staying on top of your cleaning is difficult because you just don’t have the time or are too exhausted by the end of every day, a great option for you may be to hire professional cleaners. You can easily book cleaners in Dubai and other cities in the region through ServiceMarket. You will still need to perform some of the small daily cleaning tasks, but you will be less stressed during the week, knowing that on a certain day, someone will come in for a couple of hours and take care of your home for you. ServiceMarket can help you find the best cleaning services in Dubai.