Bed Bugs in Sharjah: The First Signs

bed bugs in Sharjah

Living in Sharjah if you think you might have bed bugs in your home, you must be wondering about the signs you need to look out for identifying them. For starters, you should get pest control done every once in a while. Now you can hire some of the best pest control companies in Sharjah online and let professionals do the grind.

However, to book the right service, you first need to identify the insects that are causing you discomfort, which is a pretty tricky task. And so, we are here with a bunch of signs that can assure you whether those little pests that are causing you sleepless nights are bed bugs or not.

The First Signs of Bed Bugs in Sharjah 

Take a Look Under the Bedding

Because of their flattened figures, these buggies can quite easily get into your beds unknowingly. They can hitchhike their way to your premises through used pieces of furniture, luggage, or possibly anywhere from outside. 

Once they’re inside, they can make their way into the tiniest of the openings in your bed, mattress, pillows, headboard, etc. They hide within these spaces in large numbers just so that they can attack you once you doze off. So look thoroughly if you suspect anything itchy. Keep a lookout if you find any minute pale yellow eggs too as these monsters are quite fertile and can spread at the speed of light.

Blood Stains on the Bedding

Since these beasts are pretty tiny in size, you can easily squish them while turning sides in your sleep. And as they feed on your blood, as soon as you roll over them, the stains of the blood that they earlier pricked stay on the sheets for you to know about their infestation.

Other than that, you can also detect them through their feces that they may drop on the walls or on your bedding itself. These are dark marker-like spots and since it is digested blood, it’s more towards the blackish side.

Bite Marks

Preying on you when you’re asleep, these bed bugs creep towards your body and secretly suck on your blood for a good amount of time. Since their saliva contains pain-relieving properties, they don’t disturb your sleep. Instead, they often leave behind a straight line of red itchy spots as an identifier.

Musty Odour

The scent glands of bed bugs give off a foul musty odor termed as alarm pheromones, the intensity of which varies according to the size of the group. So if your house smells like rotten berries or damp shoes then there surely is some sort of infestation happening around. Therefore, act accordingly!

Final Takeaway

As prevention is better than cure, you should adopt ways in which you can keep these bed bugs at an arm’s length from your house and mattress.

However, if you still suspect these elusive insects resting in your home, look for the above-mentioned signs and take timely action against them. If you’re still in a pickle spotting these clever bugs, resort to ServiceMarket to book professional pest exterminators now!

Choose from some of the most reliable pest control companies in Sharjah and book an appointment immediately. The professionals will come accordingly, inspect your house and provide you with the service you require. So what are you waiting for? Sit back, book a session, and enjoy a pest-free space in no time!

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