How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your UAE Home

Getting rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are flatter than a credit card and can get into your house from anywhere, but if you have bed bugs it doesn’tΒ mean that your house is dirty!Β Bed bugs are just as likely to be in a clean house as a dirty one. As long as aΒ food source is present in the house, bed bugs will stay and spread. When it comes to bed bugs many people make the situation worse by doing all the wrong things. If you do end up needing a pest control company in Dubai, you can get multiple quotes for your pest problem onΒ ServiceMarket.

The following steps should help you contaminate and eliminate your problem:

Step 1: Don’t panic

Bed bugs don’t have nests, but they do tend to live in groups. Their hiding places are not only mattresses, it can be bed frames, headboards and anywhere else that is close to their food source. Bed bugs can move through the bedroom and spread into nearby rooms. Remember bed bugs feed on blood, both human and animal, and they do not carry diseases but their bites are itchy and irritating.

Step 2: Isolate

Most people freak out and throw their bed away. Do not do that. There is a high possibility that the bed bugs have already spread and your new mattress will be infested in no time. Instead isolate the room where you found the bed bugs, and then makeΒ sure to do this systematically throughout the house.

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Step 3: Clean the clutter

Make sure you reduce the hiding spaces of the tiny crittersΒ to one or two areas. While cleaning up, make sure to double bag everything, thoroughly vacuum the mattress, headboards, ceilings, and everywhere else there are cracks and groves. Make sure to repeat this step in every room.

Step 4: Treat the problem

This is the most time consuming and challenging part in bed bug treatment, but the most important. Move all the furniture to one side of the room and make sure to put everything away, such asΒ clothes, toys, and trinkets inΒ bags. Now you have to treat the room carefully without missing a crack. Mix some vinegar and water to treat the furniture. Vacuums will not pick up the eggs and will not suck up all the bed bugs, thus you have to make sure you don’t miss anything. You can also try using sticky tape. The treatment extends to all furniture in the room, including carpeting, mirrors and lamps. After treating one object you need to move it to the side of the room that is treated. Proceed with the process, until the entire room and furniture has been cleaned and treated.

Step 6: Use pesticides

There are a lot of pesticides in the market however not all of them will work. Do not get pestΒ bombs or aerosol spray, because those areΒ highly ineffective since bed bugs hide in cracks where aerosols will not reach.

Step 7:Β Track your success

The best way to see if the number of bed bugs is reducing is through use of interceptor cups that you place in your bed. The cups must be checked every day, and cleaned of any pests. Empty the content of the cups into hot soapy water if you find anything to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

Step 8: Get help!

If you still see that the number of bed bugs is not reducing, and you’re still waking up with bites then you seriously need to consider getting help from the professionals. Professional pest control companies in the UAE are the best at getting rid of bed bugs completely. Early detection and contact with professionals will also help preventΒ contamination of your entire house.

Looking for ways on how to get rid of bed bugs? We’ll help you get in touch with best bed bug pest control companies in Dubai right away. Start the process by submitting a pest control request on our site.

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  1. I experience bed bugs on my bed in the UAE. I would like to remove them permanently. I would like to know how much I should pay for it.

    1. Hi Xavier,

      Please enter the details of your home on our website to receive multiple quotes from licensed and experienced pest control companies in the UAE.


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