Are You Living in the Most Pest-Infested Area in Dubai? Here Are Some Pest Control Trends

Are you Living in the Most Pest-Infested Area in Dubai

Ever wondered what’s the biggest pest control problem in your area? Or which residential areas have the worst pest control problems? Imdaad, a leading provider of Integrated Facilities Management Solutions in the UAE, and ServiceMarket ran an online survey to answer these questions. The result of the β€œCreepy Crawly” survey may shock you!

Are you Living in the Most Pest-Infested Area in Dubai?

The results show that 80% of pest control issues in Dubai revolve around cockroaches in the house and bed bugs in the furniture. Majority of the complaints came from Satwa, Deira, and Bur Dubai. Do you live in one of these areas? Get help now!

Complaints around these three areas were similar in nature. Out of all complaints:

  • 40% were about bedbugs,
  • 40% were about cockroaches,
  • 10% were about ant infestation and
  • 10% were complaints about spiders, snakes and lizards.

According to the results, out of every three Dubai residents that took the survey, one resident sought out professional pest control services for their home in the last 3 months. Have you?

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Some respondents even shared personal stories about their pest problems in the survey.

Apparently Arabian Ranches has Australian spiders:

β€œI have deadly spiders in my garden that you can only find in Australia” – Arabian Ranches

Al Qusais has a lot of diversity…:

β€œI have lizards and rats the size of a half kg chicken along with hundreds of roaches” – Al Qusais

Satwa’s unwanted guests are getting a little too comfortable:

β€œThere are so many roaches in our house. You can even sometimes see them roaming our beds” – Satwa

Finally, just:

β€œsooooooooo many roachessssssssss”

Do you have a horrifying pesky pest problem in your home? Did you just see an ant? Don’t let the problem escalate! Get pest control help on our website!

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  1. Please mention the pesticides and baits names which could be used for them to eliminate.Also mention the procedure how to use the pesticides and the formulation method as well. Furthermore, how can i calculate the area for a one liter pesticides for roaches.
    Precautionary measures too?

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