How Much Do Pest Control Services Cost in Dubai?

Looking for effective ways to make sure you don’t have any encounters with pests after moving to your new home in Dubai? After all, not only do common pests like cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, rodents, and termites cause damage to your home and belongings, but they can also spread a lot of diseases and trigger allergies. The easiest and surest step to keep pests away from your home is to book the right pest control services in Dubai. Depending on your needs, you can either opt for general pest control or treatments for specific pests. This guide by ServiceMarket will help you understand how much these pest control services cost in Dubai.

General/move-in pest control: This service is ideal for you if you’re moving to a new home in Dubai and want to ensure it’s pest-free or need a pest control service that treats several pests at the same time. Preventative pest control treatments can help you avoid many types of infestations. It costs more than treatments for specific pests. Depending on the size of your house, you can expect to pay:

  • Studio: AED 199 + VAT
  • One-bedroom apartment: AED 229 + VAT
  • Two-bedroom apartment: AED 249 + VAT
  • Three-bedroom apartment: AED 279 + VAT
  • Four-bedroom apartment: AED 299 + VAT
  • Five-bedroom apartment: AED 349 + VAT
  • One-bedroom villa: AED 279 + VAT
  • Two-bedroom villa: AED 299 + VAT
  • Three-bedroom villa: AED 349 + VAT
  • Four-bedroom villa: AED 399 + VAT
  • Five-bedroom villa: AED 449 + VAT

Cockroaches, bed bugs, and ants: Spotted an ant hill in your garden? Are bed bugs keeping you awake? Have cockroaches invaded your kitchen? A professional pest control service can help you get rid of resilient and elusive pests quickly in a safe and efficient way. If you book a treatment for specific pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, and ants, the cost will be lower compared to general pest control and depends on the size of your house: 

  • Studio: AED 149 + VAT
  • One-bedroom apartment: AED 179 + VAT
  • Two-bedroom apartment: AED 199 + VAT
  • Three-bedroom apartment: AED 229 + VAT
  • Four-bedroom apartment: AED 249 + VAT
  • Five-bedroom apartment: AED 299 + VAT
  • One-bedroom villa: AED 229 + VAT
  • Two-bedroom villa: AED 249 + VAT
  • Three-bedroom villa: AED 299 + VAT
  • Four-bedroom villa: AED 349 + VAT
  • Five-bedroom villa: AED 399 + VAT

Rodents and termites: These pests can damage the structure of your home as well as furniture. Did you know that rats and mice can even cause fires by chewing electrical wires? If you are facing one of these pest infestations, you can get rid of the pests by requesting and comparing quotes from multiple pest control companies in Dubai.

ServiceMarket only partners with licensed pest control companies to ensure that the treatments are safe and effective. What’s more, they will use Ministry-approved chemicals. Another benefit of booking pest control services in Dubai through ServiceMarket is that there’s a 3-month guarantee period for the treatment, which means that you can get a free follow-up treatment during this period if you face the pest infestation again. Keep in mind that you should give the pest control treatment two weeks to take full effect. 

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