Benefits of Hiring a Carpenter in Abu Dhabi

Carpenter in Abu Dhabi

There are many factors you should consider when you are hiring a carpenter to do repairs, install, or build something in your Abu Dhabi home. Think about how much time you have to get the work done, how big your budget is for the job, and whether or not you can align schedules with the carpenter in Abu Dhabi who will do your work. ServiceMarket provides you with the following list of benefits of hiring a carpenter that will hopefully make your decision a lot easier.

  • A skilled carpenter will actually save you lots of money on repairs and installations. Sometimes, you may see a small issue in your furniture, and you might try to fix it yourself. After several attempts and a few frustrating hours, you will find that not only did you not fix the issue, but you have also made it more prominent. A more significant problem means more expensive repairs. A good carpenter will fix any damage in your furniture without causing further issues.
  • When you hire a professional carpenter in Abu Dhabi, you will also be getting some safety assurance for the job. You can probably do some carpentry work yourself if you are handy with tools, but you might get hurt doing many jobs that you aren’t trained for. A well trained carpenter will be able to do them all without hurting himself or others.
  • You will see the quality in the work. While some people are tempted to take on home improvement jobs themselves, they most likely will not be able to do them with the same skill as a carpenter. An excellent example of this is installing molding. You could try installing molding yourself, but it will most likely end up looking messy. The carpenter’s molding will look professional and neat.
  • Licensed carpenters in Abu Dhabi will give you a guarantee for the service, as well as a warranty for the work. Basically, if the carpenter does cause damage to your home in any way while working on the job, they will take care of the cost of fixing that damage. Furthermore, many carpenters give you a warranty for the work for a year. This means that if their work needs to be touched up during the warranty period, the touch-up or repair will be of no cost to you.
  • A carpenter knows all about municipal rules and regulations so you don’t have to worry about making any changes to your home that will go against Abu Dhabi city standards.
  • A carpenter can save you a lot of time. If you value your time, and understand the scale of your project, its best to hire a carpenter to do it so you can have time to do things you value more. Furthermore, it will probably take the carpenter much less time to complete the tasks than it would take you.

Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Carpenter in Abu Dhabi

There are a few important things you should know about any carpenter in Abu Dhabi before hiring for a carpentry job.

Type of carpenter

All carpenters are not equal. They will have specialized in different fields when acquiring their trade so the first thing to understand is the type of carpenter you need.

  1. Rough carpenters specialize in building frameworks and structures for buildings and homes.
  2. Finish carpenters do the installation of decks, sliding doors, and roofing. They will often finish what was begun by rough carpenters. Sometimes you can find an individual who has specialized in both rough and finished carpentry.
  3. Cabinet makers are highly specialized tradesmen who build furniture items for your home (e.g. cupboards, cabinets, and shelves).

Credentials and experience


Many carpenters train through an apprenticeship with other carpenters. In this way, they get experience in the field while working their way towards their qualification. Take note of the apprenticeship that your desired carpenter had, as the more experience that they have the more likely they are to deliver what you require. This apprenticeship should have also led to a valid certification to prove that they have learnt all the tricks of the trade.


If the company that the carpenter apprenticed with is real, there should be some record of it on the internet. Also, reading reviews and comments on the carpenter and their business is always a surefire way to find out if you are likely to be a satisfied customer or not. You can easily find reviews of carpenters on ServiceMarket.


Another way to determine if the carpenter is the real thing is to ask to see their qualification certificate. In order to gain employment in Abu Dhabi, there must be proof of training. If they cannot provide you with a qualification certificate, then it may be best to find a carpenter who has had some legitimate training and has a certificate to show for it.

License to trade in Abu Dhabi

All carpenters in Abu Dhabi need a license to practice their trade. Ask to see the license and make sure it is endorsed by the Abu Dhabi Municipality. Without this license, the carpenter has not been vetted and is operating illegally in the UAE.

Work history references

Asking for a work history with references to their three most recent contracts is a great way to get some first-hand information on the carpenter and his work. The carpenter should also be able to present you with a portfolio detailing all of their projects, the timeline, the cost which should ideally contain photographs of the before and after products.

Don’t be afraid to call up the references that the carpenter provides as people are often more than happy to share their experiences with a contractor and you will get honest and first-hand feedback. This is important if the carpenter will be spending a lot of time in your home. You want someone trustworthy.

Detailed contract

Once you’ve chosen the carpenter, request a detailed contract. It should outline job specifics, duration, responsibilities, and warranty. The contract should also outline a complaints procedure in case you are not satisfied with the work at the end of the job.

Remember that whether or not you choose to hire a carpenter in Abu Dhabi, or do the job yourself, you want the task to be as close to perfect as humanly possible. Therefore, we recommend hiring a skilled professional for major projects like building new stairs or remodeling a kitchen, while you can install kitchen cabinets or change locks yourself if you are familiar with the tools and such smaller projects. To find a skilled carpenter in Abu Dhabi, use ServiceMarket. ServiceMarket allows you to get free quotes and read real customer reviews online with the service provider of your choice.

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