Benefits of Getting a Doctor on Call in Abu Dhabi

doctors on call in Abu Dhabi

A Doctor at home service in Abu Dhabi allows patients to receive the attention and care of a physician at their residence and the time of their choice, which is nothing less than a blessing. Patients do not have to endure the uneasiness of making it to the hospital. Because of this convenience, such services are increasingly becoming popular. You can avail doctor on call in Abu Dhabi for yourself or your family members whenever there’s a need for medical consultation or examination. 

How Does Calling a Doctor at Home Benefit You?

For an at-home checkup, you have to first confirm a doctor’s availability, book an appointment, drive to the hospital, and wait in queue for your turn. All this is quite a taxing and time-consuming process for a patient. A doctor-at-home service saves you from all that hassle. 

The following are the benefits of calling a doctor at home: 

No Need to Travel to a Hospital

Traveling to a hospital when you are sick is a discomforting experience. Getting ready for the hospital and driving through the city adds to the patient’s stress. A doctor visiting you at home while you rest is a much better option. 

Eliminates the Risk of Exposure to Infections

People with different types of infectious diseases walk into a hospital. Although there are good sanitary and disinfection procedures followed at hospitals, many still end up with infections. There have been multiple incidents of hospital acquired infection during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

So, getting medical services without leaving homes can potentially save patients from any such risks which otherwise may make their condition worse. Thoroughly cleaning the patient’s room and maintaining good hygiene can further protect them.

Easy Access for Differently-Abled and Old Patients

It is especially hard for old and differently-abled patients to visit a hospital for a checkup. Those who are bedridden can’t even go using their personal transport. Family members of all such patients have to assist them with a wheelchair or call an ambulance, even for a routine checkup. Plus, it makes these patients very irritable due to all the moving or being in public and affects their mental well-being. 

A doctor at home service is very convenient in all these scenarios not only for the patient, but also their families 

No Wait Time

Many patients book a doctor’s appointment at a clinic, resulting in a very long wait time. At times, the doctor is called to attend to an admitted patient, further adding to the wait. 

Instead of spending an hour or two for your turn, you can book a doctor-at-home service. Such services may send a doctor to your address within just 4 to 5 hours of booking an appointment. Smartly scheduling a doctor’s visit can save a lot of precious time.

More Affordable Service

Not all illnesses require a patient to be hospitalized. However, patients are often admitted to the hospital to save them from multiple hospital visits and the inconvenience linked with it. That becomes quite expensive.

Compared to hospitalization, calling a doctor for a checkup at home is much more affordable as you do not have to pay any charges for a bed or room at your house. All you have to pay is for prescribed medicine and the doctor’s fee.


The facility of doctors attending to patients at home has multifold benefits, like frequent access to medical attention without spending a fortune. Patients can have their routine checkups and rest for speedy recoveries instead of going through the tedious process of a hospital visit Considering all these benefits, it is highly advisable to know who to contact for a doctor-at-home appointment. You can easily book a doctor on call in Abu Dhabi with ServiceMarket in a matter of minutes. Just fill out the required information like your health issue, date, and time for an appointment, and they will send a doctor.

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