Water Tank Cleaning Is Better Than Cure

Periodically hiring a water tank cleaning company in Dubai is essential to ensure that the quality of the water that we consume on a daily basis can be maintained. Building owners carry a lot of responsibility as they need to make sure that the residents of their buildings are not endangered in any way. Residential water tank systems are more likely to be breeding grounds of disease-causing organisms because of the complexity of the systems themselves. Bacteria and fungi spread very quickly in these systems because large parts are often unmonitored and not regularly maintained. ServiceMarket cleaning and maintenance experts answer your questions about why water tank cleaning is so important.

How often should you have a water tank maintenance company service your water tank in Dubai?

In Dubai, the law set by the Dubai Municipality (Local Order Number 11, 2003) stipulates that the landlord or the owner of the building has a responsibility to clean their tanks, yet the water distribution network does not specify how often this cleaning must take place. The general rule of thumb is that maintenance in all residential and office buildings must happen every six months, and at minimum once a year.

Office and residential buildings get a lot of use out of their water tanks and this puts a massive strain on the systems. Add to that, the hot, humid and sandy conditions in Dubai which cause corrosion and rust quicker than in less extreme environments, and maintenance becomes a must in the summers. Diseases are most prevalent during the summer months because the warm, humid weather provides ideal breeding grounds for disease and fungi, and in some cases, these can cause more than just a tummy-ache. Only a water tank cleaning company in Dubai can adequately address these issues and make sure your water tank does not fall short of the minimum requirements laid out by the Dubai Municipality.

What happens if a water tank is not maintained properly and regularly?

Many of you can remember the controversy from a few years back when it was found that there were all sorts of nasties floating around in the water in Dubai water tanks. This is the water that you use for your everyday chores, such as washing dishes, brushing your teeth and bathing. Beyond the gross factor of these findings, the implications of water tanks maintained less frequently than once a year may go much deeper

  •    Water filtration will stop functioning correctly and let through the unfiltered and impure water.
  •    Rust and erosion: this runs the risk of the water in your water tank having toxic metal traces.
  •    The unclean water may begin to develop harmful germs: this could lead to the spread of waterborne diseases that can prove fatal to those with weakened immune systems.
  •    Small problems will not be identified until they become big problems even though small issues are cheaper to fix than big problems. If regular maintenance is conducted on your building’s water tank system then there will be no reason for an expensive repair or replacement job to ever be done.
  •    Risk of a fine from the Dubai Municipality: the department regularly carries out inspections on water tank systems across all buildings in Dubai and have the authority to penalize companies that do not comply with the minimum requirements for a clean and well-maintained water tank.

Benefits of regular inspection and cleaning

  •    You and your family will be safe from water-borne diseases
  •    Your hair and skin will reflect the usage of clean water
  •    Tanks will be kept clear of sediment and silt
  •    Rust and erosion will be addressed
  •    Ensures compliance with Dubai health and safety regulations
  •    Prevents blockages and leakages that could lead to water shut-offs
  •    Protects associated water systems such as valves and pipes from damage

There are many risks associated with not having a clean water tank in Dubai, and these risks are further increased by the extreme weather conditions in the UAE. The Dubai Municipality has begun to address the issue of poor water tank maintenance and run regular inspections on water tanks in Dubai. ServiceMarket offers you an array of registered and Dubai Municipality approved water tank cleaning companies in Dubai. If you want an idea of the kind of things you should consider when hiring a cleaning company for your water tank maintenance, read this useful article. Tanks need to be cleaned at least once a year or else you run the risk of letting contaminated water filter through to your building residents.

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