Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

While we know that carpets are useful in terms of their ability to retain heat, reduce slips, provide a soft surface and absorb noise, over the last few decades, there has been a lot of debate on the effect of carpets on human health. The cleaning experts at ServiceMarket bring you the gist of the ongoing argument.

The debate

Carpets are known to trap pollen, pesticides, pet dander, dirt, etc. As these particles are no longer airborne, the indoor air quality of a home improves. Yet pests associated with allergies and asthma are also known to hide in a carpet. These include cockroaches and dust mites which are common pests in Dubai. Moreover, everything that a carpet traps is at the risk of being re-released into the environment if it is disturbed. That happens due to everyday use or because a low quality vacuum was applied for cleaning. However, if a carpet is properly maintained in a home, it has a positive effect on the indoor air quality, which in turn lowers its allergen levels and leads to fewer asthma symptoms in the inhabitants of a home.

Other benefits

Besides the health benefits, a properly maintained carpet makes your home look good. After all, carpets make a home look luxurious. If you don’t look after your carpet, it will reflect on the overall appearance of your place. Moreover, carpet maintenance extends the life of your carpet so you won’t find yourself buying a new one for at least a decade.

How to maintain a carpet

The best way to maintain a carpet is to clean it thoroughly and regularly. Regular vacuuming is essential. The frequency of cleaning depends on how many pollutants a carpet accumulates. This depends on the material of the carpet, the foot traffic in the area and other factors such as the presence or absence of pets and children in the home. A thick pile carpet, for example, will trap more particles than a thin pile carpet and would require a more thorough clean. It is generally recommended to have your carpet cleaned once or twice a week.

How should a carpet be cleaned

Instead of using a regular vacuum on a carpet, which might only contribute to the release of trapped particles in the carpet, high powered vacuums with a beater bar are advised for carpet cleaning. Even better would be to use a good quality HEPA filter vacuum. They are the most effective at removing anything that a carpet has trapped. If, however, the carpet is known to harbor pests such as dust mites, steam cleaning is essential to solve the infestation problem. While you may think that you could clean carpets in your home yourself, it is best to let professional cleaning services in Dubai to do it for you.

Why call a carpet cleaning company

Certified professionals from a carpet cleaning company will have the proper tools and know-how for the maintenance of your carpet. A high powered HEPA filter vacuum is usually used by a carpet cleaner to remove trapped pollutants. They also shampoo your carpet to kill any bacteria it harbors. And if you or someone else in your home is having respiratory issues, professionals are sure to steam clean your carpet. If you try steam cleaning yourself and do not completely dry the carpet, it will become a welcoming environment for mold and mildew. Carpet cleaners use high powered drying tools to eliminate any moisture. This is why it is important to call in professionals before you create a problem that wasn’t there to begin with as you try to clean your carpet.

While hard flooring is becoming popular, carpets are still the most common choice the world over. If you need a carpet cleaner, look for a company that has the right experience and expertise. ServiceMarket partners with excellent carpet cleaning companies in Dubai and can get you free quotes in minutes!

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