How to Choose the Right Color for Painting Your Room in Dubai?

Wondering how to choose the right color to get your room painted in Dubai? It sounds simple, but it often isn’t as easy as picking a shade and going with it. Home should be a place of rest, relaxation and inspiration. It should be a place where we can disconnect from the rest of the world and enter our own little paradise. But that doesn’t mean that picking the right paint color for a room in your Dubai home has to be cool toned or light – it should be aligned to what makes you feel happy to be home. 

When it comes to setting the tone in a room, the color you choose to paint the walls makes a huge impact. Unless you’re someone who chooses furniture that are essentially works of art and design, the walls are going to be what sets the “vibe” of the room. If the furniture is where you want your splash of color to be, then your walls need to be a harmonious shade.  

When you live in a place like Dubai, the paint on our walls can fade over time. We see a lot of sun throughout the year, and our walls may take a little more maintenance than elsewhere. If you’ve just moved into a new apartment in Jumeirah or your villa in Dubai needs a refreshing lick of paint, it’s worth putting some thought into the colors you choose.  

How to Choose The Right Paint Colors for Your Room

Create a Mood Board

A great first step when choosing any color scheme is to think about the kinds of environments you love to be in. Using Pinterest will be your friend here, as you can create a mood board of colors and scenes that give you the right feeling so you can use it to find the right shade(s) later. 

If you find that you’re calmed by the cool, lapping ocean, go for deep blues and warm, sandy hues. If forests and rolling hills bring about a sense of peace for you, earthy greens and browns are the way to go. Consider the environments you love and decide which sort of atmosphere you want to emulate in your chosen room. 

Consider Where You Want Your Most Vibrant colors 

Do you want the walls to carry the color, do you want to use a feature wall, or do you want the walls to be a light shade that reflects the light? If you can, decide now whether the walls will be light hues, rich darker hues, or if you want to do a combination with a feature wall or two. 

How Do You Want to Feel in That Room? 

Of course, the colors you choose are also decided by the room you are planning to paint. For example, bedroom colors often encourage sleep, relaxation and serenity, so light blue, pale grey, or lavender are all great options. The kitchen, on the other hand, is usually the place we like to feel energized and inspired, so one single wall painted yellow or orange can stand out among other muted colors.  

Remember that Light colors Reflect Light, While Dark Absorb It 

In Dubai, we benefit from long daylight hours and warm summers, so many people choose to be inspired by summer color schemes. These light colors will reflect all that natural light around your home, and make the rooms feel bigger, brighter, and airier. The opposite is true for dark colors, so choose those for cozy rooms, such as offices, bedrooms, and libraries. 

Consider the Texture and Finish 

Don’t be afraid to get samples and try them on the wall. This is important not just for color shades, but for the finish, too. Silk and satin finishes are very different from matte. Equally, consider if you need a washable wall paint or something that needs to be durable.

Enlist the Help of a Professional

If you’re having trouble deciding, or if you aren’t planning to do the painting work yourself, talk to professional painters in Dubai. With ServiceMarket, you can hire the best painting professionals in Dubai. These painting professionals know what paint will work for you with your lighting and lifestyle, so it’s well worth involving them early in the process.

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