7 Things to Think of While Choosing International Movers

Choosing international movers and packers in Dubai is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make while preparing for your move to another country. There are several factors you have to consider to ensure that the mover is reliable and suits your exact needs. To make this easier for you, the experts at ServiceMarket and DXI Logistics have shortlisted the 7 most important considerations you should keep in mind while selecting an international mover.

1) Does the company offer all risk comprehensive insurance coverage?

Not looking at the insurance coverage is one of the biggest mistakes people make while screening international movers in Dubai. It is very important to ensure that your belongings are properly insured, otherwise, you will not be able to claim anything if your items are damaged or lost. With all risk insurance, your goods remain covered from loading to unloading. You can file a claim in case of loss or damage due to a variety of incidents including war and theft.  

2) Is the company you are dealing with accredited? What certifications do they have? Are they part of a larger network?

You should always ask the moving company to share their certifications and accreditation details. By doing so, you can quickly confirm their reliability. You can be confident that accredited and certified companies have the proper resources and experience to carefully transport your goods from one port to the next. Your belongings are less likely to reach the wrong destination and there are unlikely to be any delays if the mover you choose is part of a larger network.   

3) Is the quotation detailed and thorough? Have they mentioned inclusions and exclusions?

Make sure you read and understand everything in the quotation. If anything seems vague or you notice that it doesn’t include some of the things you are looking for, then immediately get in touch with the moving company and ask them to clarify. Make sure that you understand the cost implications of any exclusions, for example, if the quote does not include taxes, make sure you know how much the tax will be in advance to avoid any surprises. By requesting multiple quotations from international moving companies in Dubai, you will be able to compare prices as well as the services they will provide.

4) Have you read up about the company and seen reviews about them?

You can make sure that you will have a good experience with the mover by seeing what others are saying about the company. Only choose movers with a good reputation among customers. ServiceMarket has made it easier than ever before to find out more about reputable moving companies in Dubai and read vetted reviews online.  

5) Have they explained what documentation you need both in the UAE and at your final destination

Avoid facing inconvenience by making sure that the moving company thoroughly explains about all the required documentation they will need at both ports. Be sure to ask them to share these details at the start. Most moving companies that provide door-to-door moving services handle most of the documentation themselves.

6) Does the company hire part-time packers, trucks, etc.?

It’s important to know this because moving companies that hire part-time staff and resources are less reliable. It shows that the company is not yet big enough to afford full-time staff and trucks, and it’s hard to judge the quality of the companies that they subcontract the work to. Part-time packers often don’t have enough experience and training.

7) Have they carried out a survey and shared the volume and other details with you?

All reputable moving companies carry out a survey before preparing the quotation. Your quotation should include the total volume and other details such as pricing and insurance coverage. If the mover has not done all this, then you should reconsider your choice.

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