Abu Dhabi to Australia: Everything You Need to Do Before Moving

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Planning to move from Abu Dhabi to Australia soon? There are several tasks you need to complete and check off before you get on the plane. To help you navigate the process, the moving experts at ServiceMarket have compiled the following checklist.

Get ready to ship your belongings Β 

  • First, get rid of all items that you don’t really need to take along. You should consider selling or donating such items. Doing so will help you cut down the cost of shipping. Β 
  • Once you’ve completed the first step, shortlist some international moving companies in Abu Dhabi. Make sure your shortlisted international movers have certifications like FIDI and AIM. You should also read reviews on online marketplaces like ServiceMarket to find out what their previous customers said about them.
  • Get in touch with multiple international movers to receive free quotes. Comparison shopping can help you save a lot of money and find the most suitable services. Β Β 

Money matters

  • Inform your bank in Abu Dhabi about the upcoming relocation so they can close your accounts and notify you of any outstanding amounts you need to settle before moving.
  • You should also get all of your utilities disconnected.
  • Check if you can start the process of setting up a new bank account before landing.

Prepare to leave your old home

  • If you’re renting a home in Abu Dhabi, check your contract to see how much notice period you need to give, and then inform your landlord accordingly.
  • If you own your home, start the selling process 4 to 6 months before you move because it’s often a lengthy process.
  • In either case, you’ll have to hire a handyman to take care of some maintenance tasks before you leave. Those who are selling their house might want to do some renovations to increase the value of their house and tenants are usually required to return the home in its original condition to the landlord.


  • Make sure you have travel and transit insurance before you relocate. Most reputable international movers and packers provide transit insurance because it’s necessary to keep your goods protected against loss and damage.

You can make the process of moving from Abu Dhabi to Australia smoother by hiring the best international movers and packers through ServiceMarket.

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