Cleaning Your Dubai Home When You Have Pets

Cleaning Your Dubai Home When You Have Pets

Dubai residents love their pets but often find it challenging to clean the mess they create. From muddy paw prints to unbearable smells, you have to tackle multiple things while cleaning your Dubai home if you have pets. Even some simple measures and techniques can make cleaning easier and quicker. To help you stay on top of your cleaning chores, ServiceMarket has put together the following tips.

Save time and effort by grooming your pets regularly: You can reduce the number of hair your pets shed by grooming them regularly. Brush your pet’s hair at least a couple of times every week. Specialist pet grooming brushes are ideal for this task. Not only will doing so cut down the hours you have to spend on removing hair from your furniture and other surfaces, but most pets enjoy having their hair brushed. You should consider doing this outside. Β 

How to get rid of pet smells: While most pet owners get accustomed to the smells caused by their pets, visitors might find it uncomfortable. The most obvious way to prevent smells is to bathe your pets regularly. Dirty pets are more likely to spread unpleasant smells around your home. Air fresheners can also do the trick if some guests are coming over and you are pressed for time. However, this is only a temporary solution. Your pet’s favorite spots are usually the smelliest areas in your home, so be sure to book a deep cleaning service to tackle the smelly surfaces.

Tackle pet hair like a pro: From upholstery to carpets, as a pet owner, you must have seen pet hair on a wide variety of surfaces, including the front of your t-shirt. You can protect your furniture by covering it with cloths. Consider hard flooring instead of carpets, which can trap pet hair. For cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner that’s powerful enough to untangle and suck out hair from various surfaces. Lint rollers and duck take are also effective for removing pet hair from sofas and beds.Β  If you think the upholstery needs a thorough cleaning thanks to your pet shedding hair like there is no tomorrow, book an upholstery cleaning service every few months.Β 

How to avoid muddy paw prints: Your first line of defence against muddy paws should be a big door mat. It will catch most of the mud before your pet enters through the front door. If possible, limit your pet’s range to hard-floored areas in your home. Be sure to clean the paw marks before they dry with a damp cloth.

Get rid of pet parasites: Pests like fleas are common in the UAE. In addition to making your pets ill and causing them discomfort, they can even spread to humans. Prevention is always better than cure, so make sure that your pets and home remain clean. Avoid contact with pets you suspect might be suffering from a pest infestation. If you detect a signs of an infestation, immediately consult your vet and call a professional pest control service in the UAE.

How to stop pets from chewing and damaging your furniture: We’ve all seen what pets can do Β with soft cushions, wire and furniture. Most pets like to chew and scratch certain items in your home. Take your pets out for a walk so that they spend most of their energy outdoors instead of your living room. If your pets like to chew, then you can buy chewable toys for them. Β 

Routine cleaning is usually not enough to remove hair and dirt from cracks and hidden places. But don’t worry. Simply book one of the deep cleaning services in Dubai and they’ll take it from there. Even if you forget to mention your pet’s favorite spots, deep cleaners in the UAE will thoroughly clean all areas in your home. ServiceMarket only featured vetted cleaning companies in Dubai. Read reviews and book online now!

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