6 Habits That Lead to a Cluttered Lifestyle

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Are you baffled by how quickly your apartment became messy after the last time you cleaned it? According to the Dubai cleaning service experts at ServiceMarket, while it might be hard to believe, it all comes down to your habits. You might think you are organized, but if you actually want to live a clutter free life, check yourself for any of the six habits highlighted below.

You never donate, recycle or chuck stuff

Are you a hoarder? Or do you regularly check your belongings for things you no longer use so you can donate, recycle or throw them away? Probably the former right? Well, this is one of the most important habits that you need to break. So set up a container for all your recyclables, check your belongings for things to donate once every three months and chuck things out that are unusable.

You keep things you like but don’t use

Were you telling yourself that you do recycle, donate or throw things away? Well, when was the last time you threw away something you liked but no longer use? Probably never. The whole point of a recycle, donate or trash exercise is to be left with stuff you actually use. So the next time you sort through your belongings, you better put the cute scarf that doesn’t go with anything ever in the donation box!

You don’t put away things after using them

We have all been guilty of this one at one point or the other. Still, that is no excuse to keep at it. Every time you take something out of a cupboard or a drawer, remember to put it back after you are done using it. This also goes for any clothes you were wearing when you got home – throw them in the laundry and fold or hang them back up in the closet as you change. Don’t let that laundry pile up!Β Get the Washmen appΒ to schedule a pickup and drop off of your clothing to fit your timeline with high-quality wash, fold, and dry cleaning services available. Also, keep an eye on what you do with your shoes as well. They should go back on the shoe rack!

You don’t take a five minutes to clear things away

If you break the previous clutter-friendly habit, you won’t need to work on this one. But in case you feel like you won’t remember to put away things after using them, give this one a shot. Take five to ten minutes out of your daily schedule to tidy up after yourself. You will find yourself putting everything you used in a day in its proper place, whether it be the trash, recycling bin or a shelf.

You don’t clean regularly

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your place or booked cleaning services in Dubai to do it for you? Was it last Friday or was it the Friday before? If you can’t remember, it was clearly a long time ago. People who clean regularly can easily avoid having a cluttered home. If all the surfaces in your home are covered with clutter, you won’t be able to clean properly till you put everything away. If you have a hard time maintaining a cleaning schedule, you should hire a maid in Dubai. You can get very good deals through ServiceMarket if you book a recurring booking or a monthly package.

You buy things you like but probably won’t use

Do you love shopping? While most of us love shopping, very few of us are mindful of what we are buying – we regularly buy things we have a passing fancy for but don’t need. If you want to avoid clutter, you need to pay attention to your shopping habits. Stick to buying things that you need and will be using and avoid purchasing anything else. The best way to do this is to make a shopping list for the essentials you need and then stick to it as you make the trip to the market.

Working on your habits is sure to help you declutter, but what about the clutter that is already there? Follow this guide on how to carry out a home decluttering project. If you are short on time, book cleaning services in Dubai to help you achieve the pristine living environment that you want.

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