How Much Do Laundry Services in Dubai Cost?

Laundry Services in Dubai

Did you know that the cost of sorting out your weekly laundry in Dubai can be less than a meal? Contrary to what you might think, online on-demand laundry services in Dubai don’t cost a fortune. In fact, they’re far more affordable than many conventional laundry services in other parts of the world! What’s more, if you use a good online laundry service, you won’t have to worry about installing a washing machine or buying laundry cleaning products. This means that you can opt to book a laundry service in Dubai to save time and make your life easier without breaking the bank.Β 

How Does Laundry in Dubai Work? 

This guide will help you understand how this whole service is priced, plus the cost of ServiceMarket’s different laundry service companies in Dubai: 

Pay Per Laundry Bag

As its name implies, you will be given labeled laundry bags. Depending on your needs, you can fill up the bags with as many items as possible. You will be charged a fixed price for each bag based on the type of laundry service you choose. 

What Can You Fit into a Laundry Bag? 

You’ll be provided with a 70x50cm laundry bag, which is equivalent to about two laundry loads or 20 shirts. You don’t have to worry about deciding how many bags you’d need at the time of booking as the laundry service will provide you with the required number of bags when they visit your home to pick them up. 

Types of Laundry Services 

  1. Wash and Fold  
    Between AED 60 to AED 82 + VAT per bag. Everything you put in the bag will be washed at 40 degrees, folded, and returned to you. 
  1. Only Ironing  

Between AED 80 to AED 82 + VAT per bag.If you choose to wash the clothes yourself and only need someone to iron them, just put everything into a bag. All items will be ironed and returned to you. 

  1. Dry Clean and Iron  

AED 99 to AED 168+ VAT per bag. This option is more expensive than the other two per bag laundry services, but it’s the most convenient service out of the three. Not only will all items in the bag be dry cleaned, but they will also be ironed, saving you a lot of time. 

Pay Per Item with Dry Cleaning Services 

If you want to get any of your clothes like suits, high-end shirts, and dresses dry cleaned, you will be charged per item, depending on the types of items you book the service for. Each company will have a list of prices for various types of items. 

Delivery Fees 

If you opt for normal delivery, there will be no extra charges and your clothes will be returned within 48 hours. But if you choose the express delivery option to get your clothes back within 24 hours, then you’ll have to pay an additional AED 50 for it. It’s a fixed fee for each dry-cleaning service booking and doesn’t depend on the number of items or the service provider you choose. 


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