Cost of COVID Home Sanitization Services in Abu Dhabi

COVID home sanitization services Abu Dhabi

With the increasing risk of deadly diseases, cleaning and sanitization in busy cities like Abu Dhabi is crucial for prevention and care. Ensuring hygiene can significantly lower the chances of catching an infection at home. You can opt for expert assistance by hiring a service offering cleaning and sanitization in Abu Dhabi.Β Β Β 

The cost for such services may seem like an additional expense. However, sanitization done by a specialist can be significantly more effective, especially if you are getting COVID home sanitization services in Abu Dhabi. Dig into this blog to know the cost. 

Cost of Cleaning and Sanitization in Abu Dhabi 

Usually, providers offer cleaning and sanitization as both separate services and together. It is up to a customer to decide how they want to book these services. 

However, cleaning and sanitization together by experts is a more logical approach. Check out the following costs for estimates based on the type of property if you are planning to book home sanitization services for Covid-19 prevention and/or home sanitization in general:


Apartments are of a variety of sizes and the costs are directly proportional to the overall area. See the cost of cleaning and sanitization services in Abu Dhabi in the table below:

Apartment Size (Sanitization Only)Estimated Cost
StudioAED 156.45
1 BedroomAED 261.45
2 BedroomAED 313.95
3 BedroomAED 366.45
4 BedroomAED 418.95
5 BedroomAED 523.95

Apartment Size (Cleaning and Sanitization)Estimated Cost
StudioAED 208.95
1 BedroomAED 366.45
2 BedroomAED 418.95
3 BedroomAED 471.45
4 BedroomAED 576.45
5 BedroomAED 733.95


Villas are another residential category for hiring cleaning and sanitization services. Check out their costs in the table below:

Villa Size (Sanitization Only)Total Cost
2 BedroomAED 418.95
3 BedroomAED 471.45
4 BedroomAED 523.95
5 BedroomAED 576.45

Villa Size (Cleaning and Sanitization)Total Cost
2 BedroomAED 561.75
3 BedroomAED 628.95
4 BedroomAED 733.95
5 BedroomAED 838.95 


The risk of the spread of diseases and germs is not limited to just residential properties. Your offices and other workplaces could be equally at risk, if not more. So, getting cleaning and sanitization done of such spaces is essential to having a germ-free environment. 

The following are the estimated prices for offices based on their area:

Office Size (Sanitization Only)Estimated Cost
500 sq feet – 1000 sq feetAED 262.50 – AED 367.50
1000 sq feet – 1500 sq feetAED 367.50 – AED 472.50
1500 sq feet – 2000 sq feetAED 472.50 – AED 577.50

Office Size (Cleaning and Sanitization)Β Total Cost
500 sq feet – 1000 sq feetAED 525.00 – AED 735.00
1000 sq feet – 1500 sq feetAED 735.00 – AED 945.00
1500 sq feet – 2000 sq feetAED 945.00 – AED 155.00

Why Get COVID Home Sanitization Services in Abu Dhabi

The pandemic is under control for now but not completely over. Then there are other infectious diseases which keep popping up from time to time, especially seasonal infections and allergies. A thorough sanitization treatment includes disinfection of anything and everything you touch including door knobs, cupboard handles, tables, desks, sofas, floors, fixtures, and so much more. Cleaning and sanitizing it all by a layperson like yourself is not possible, nor is it wise. 

Lack of proper equipment and chemicals is another reason. Routine cleaning supplies like detergents and chemicals are generally meant for removing dust and stains. They are not specialized chemicals with disinfecting qualities. The professional service providers come equipped with the chemicals which are most effective for eradicating germs. Also, reputable companies only use chemicals that are safe for your kids and pets. So, it is much safer to go with them.

Lastly, hiring experts for sanitization and cleaning is convenient and time-saving. They can thoroughly clean and sanitize your residence and offices while you sit back and relax. It is another solid reason to opt for professional services. Β Β Β 


COVID home sanitization services in Abu Dhabi ensure you and your loved ones thrive in a clean and safe space. 

You can easily book cleaning and sanitization in Abu Dhabi at affordable prices from ServiceMarket. They only work with certified sanitization companies and use only MoH-approved biocides.Β 

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