Cost of Doctor-On-Call in Dubai and What To Expect

cost of doctor on call in Dubai

Dubai attracted 337,011 medical tourists in 2021 alone due to its exceptionally good healthcare system. Being able to call a doctor at home is a great facility for the sick as well as those with mobility issues to get treated without them having to visit the clinic. Anyone can book a doctor at home in Dubai and the process of doing so is not that hard.

Make sure you know the cost of doctor-on-call in Dubai and which treatments are offered in this service. Read on to find out more!

Why the Doctor-on-Call Service Is Important

Health always comes first. It takes top priority over everything else. However, it can not be denied that health problems can occur at any time regardless of how much you take care of yourself. Or, it could be your family member! It is during these unpredictable times that the doctor-on-call service will come in handy. Having access to the service ensures medical help from a qualified medical professional wherever you are, whether it be home, work, or a hotel. Luckily, you can get a doctor-on-call in Dubai. Therefore, it’s best to keep their number on the speed dial so you can reach out to them in case of an emergency.

How Much Does It Cost to See a  Doctor in Dubai?

Calling a doctor at home is the best solution for anyone who can’t visit the hospital or when someone experiences a sudden health issue. A doctor typically charges AED 450 to visit your location. This is the consultation fee. There are a number of certified practitioners in Dubai that offer this service in different packages.

Which Treatments Are Included in This Service?

Here are a few treatments that can be offered when you call a doctor at home in Dubai:

#1. General Consultation

A general consultation is where a doctor will meet the patient to achieve goals like taking preventive measures to stop the development of various diseases. They will also do the diagnosis of the symptoms that are being experienced by the patient. These consultations also help maintain a patient’s overall well-being.

#2. Critical Illness Care

You may also find this service available in the list of consultations whenever you call a doctor to your home. The medical professional will take care of patients with critical health conditions. They will look after their medication and will ensure that they take proper rest.

#3. Chronic Illness Care

Chronic care addresses long-term or pre-existing illness, as opposed to acute care which is concerned with severe illness. Chronic illness includes emphysema, diabetes, congestive heart disease, and asthma.

#4. Post-Hospitalization Cardiac Care

Post-cardiac arrest care after the return of spontaneous circulation can improve a patient’s heart condition. It allows the patient to get a chance to lead a quality life. This treatment is usually offered when you opt for a doctor-on-call service. Here are some of the objectives of this treatment:

  • Optimizing vital organ perfusion and cardiopulmonary function
  • Trying to identify and treat the cause of the cardiac arrest
  • Controlling body temperature for neurological recovery
  • Optimizing mechanical ventilation to avoid lung injury

#5. Palliative Care

It is an interdisciplinary caregiving approach that is focused on making the quality of life better for people suffering from chronic illnesses. Palliative care also helps people with complex and serious illnesses to recover fast.

How Does This Service Work?

Doctor-on-call service is a highly efficient way to get treatment for your health issues. This is how it typically works:

  • You call the helpline number and ask for a doctor.
  • After your request is approved, a doctor will arrive at your location within a few minutes.
  • You will get a proper diagnosis and the best treatment for your health issue.

Who Can Benefit from the At Home Doctor On Call Services

Elderly Individuals 

As people grow older, their health starts to deteriorate. While this is just how the human body works, for some elders this can create difficulties. Especially when they need access to healthcare. The absence of family members and/or live-in attendants can make this problem more complicated. As can the presence of underlying conditions like COPD, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other debilitating illnesses. 

Pulmonary diseases can worsen, especially with exposure to fumes, bacteria, and even a mild case of the cold. Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease that impacts memory and mental faculties. In later stages, it is very common for patients to be confused and unable to recognize even close family members. Both COPD and Alzheimer’s can put elders in danger if they try to make their way out unaccompanied. 

Also, older people have lowered immunity compared to younger individuals. Therefore, an elder visiting the hospital can run a higher risk of contracting new diseases or infections during their visit/stay. Such individuals have a valid need for an at-home doctor on call in Dubai. Usually, it is a lot safer than a hospital visit. 

People of Determination 

In the UAE, the term β€œpeople of determination” refers to individuals who are determined to create a functional life. They do so despite suffering from reduced mobility or disabilities. Such individuals, even when willing, may not be able to visit a hospital in person. They may have caregivers or family members that help out with a hospital visit in an emergency.Β 

But even then, there can be times when they have nobody around to help them get to a healthcare center. People of determination may benefit, instead, from a visit from a qualified doctor at home in Dubai. Otherwise, they may not be able to access professional healthcare or address pressing health concerns when needed.  

Individuals Without Transport

Thanks to higher wage rates, transportation is rarely an issue in Dubai. Most individuals can afford to either rent or purchase personal transportation. Many others can access public transport systems provided by the Road and Transport Authority. This helps if they don’t have a personal vehicle. 

However, Dubai is by far the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. And, in some cases, some people may find it impossible to commute to a hospital when they need it the most. Factors like working hours and residential locations can also complicate this. A home visit from an on-call doctor in Dubai may be the only option that makes sense. Especially in the case of sudden illnesses or injuries. 

People With Chronic Diseases 

Chronic health conditions are usually persistent or long-lasting health issues. A disease or illness that lasts for more than 3 months typically qualifies as a chronic condition. But others, such as heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer can last far longer. In certain cases, chronic illnesses can even turn into terminal ones. 

In addition, chronic health issues (along with the medication they require) can severely impair the patient’s immune system. A hospital visit could very well prove extremely dangerous. Especially if it creates complications with the underlying condition. 

Patients With Viral Conditions 

Patients suffering from a viral illness also have valid reasons to prefer a home visit from an on-call doctor. And not just because they need professional medical attention. They also run the risk of spreading their illness to other people. Viral diseases, from the common cold to COVID-19, are extremely infectious. They can jump from person to person in different ways. Carrying a viral sickness endangers people in a public bus, taxi, or even a hospital waiting room. The more responsible approach, therefore, would be to seek healthcare at home.


The primary aim of doctor-on-call service is to facilitate patients who can’t visit the hospital. It includes different after-care and healthcare support such as the ones mentioned above. If you are wondering about the cost of doctor-on-call in Dubai, know that it is affordable if sought from the right place. So, in case you ever face a serious health issue and need a doctor at home in Dubai, you can contact companies like ServiceMarket to help you out. They will find you a medical expert in no time, allowing you to get the treatment you need with ease.

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