The Cost of Hiring a Cleaning Company Versus a Full-Time Live-In Maid in Abu Dhabi

The Cost of Hiring a Cleaning Company Versus a Full-Time Live-In Maid in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s fast paced life makes it hard for most people to find time for cleaning chores. No wonder so many Abu Dhabi residents rely on maids to keep their homes clean. However, many people struggle when they have to decide whether they should hire a cleaning company or full-time live-in maid. This guide by ServiceMarket will definitely make this decision easier for you.

What’s the difference?

Before considering the costs, you should figure out if you even need a full-time live-in maid. For many homes, maids sent by cleaning companies are more than sufficient. Contractual maids will be sent to your home at a certain time by the cleaning company. It’s their employer’s responsibility to provide accommodation. Usually, contractual maids just clean the house and don’t perform any additional tasks unless you include it in your contract with the cleaning company. On the other hand, full-time live-in maids will stay in your home and often include additional tasks like babysitting and cooking in the agreement.

We’ve put together the following table to help you compare the costs

Full-time live-in maid Cleaning company
Initial cost:
Recruitment Cost: Established recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi charge a one-time recruitment fee of AED 15,000 to AED 18,000. It includes their finder’s fee and the cost of flying them in.
Sponsorship: You will have to pay AED 12,500 every year (which works out to be a little over AED 1,000 per month) for you maid’s visa renewal/sponsorship and associated documentation.
Initial cost: You can typically pay a cleaning company the same day as the service and there are no additional costs. If you are looking to book a daily recurring booking with the same maid then some maid companies will ask you to pay for the month upfront.
Monthly salary: The average salary for a full-time live-in maid in Abu Dhabi is AED 1,700 – 2,800, but it depends on your agreement with the maid, and their nationality as there are minimum salaries in place dependent on their passport. You might also have to pay for additional benefits like money for food and toiletries. Monthly fee: Cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi typically charge between AED 30 – 40 an hour so you can expect to pay AED 4,800 – 6,400 a month for a maid who works 40 hours per week. That said, some companies will offer discounts for long term bookings so you pay be able to get a reduced rate as long as you can commit to a set number of hours in advance. The fee will increase if you require additional services such as babysitting. You will typically be asked to pay at the beginning or end of every month.
Additional costs: You can expect to pay approximately AED 3,000 a month in addition to the costs mentioned above. The additional costs include the following:

  • Accommodation: if you are renting your home, you might have to pay more to provide a room to the maid.
  • Medical insurance and flights: Around AED 1,000 per month (depending on the medical insurance and flights you select)
  • Miscellaneous expenses: You should add a few hundred dirhams to your monthly budget for other expenses like phone, furniture and food.
Additional costs: Since the maid agency will take care of all additional costs such as accommodation, medical insurance, food and flights, etc., you usually will not have to pay any additional costs. However, if you need someone to work on Friday, then some companies will ask you to pay the cost of transportation.
Total: Around AED 75,000 per year and a one-time recruitment cost of AED 15,000 – 18,000. Total: Around AED 62,000 per year

Full-time live-in maids are generally more expensive, but they also are usually willing to help you with other tasks such as babysitting and cooking, and are more flexible in their timings.

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