How Much Do Pest Control Services Cost in Abu Dhabi?

With the change of season comes the invasion of certain types of pests. When this happens you usually have no option but to hire a pest control company in Abu Dhabi to tackle the pest infestation. To help you understand how much it will cost, ServiceMarket has compiled a list of the costs associated with various pest control services.

Specific pest control services

If you are facing a cockroach, bed bug, rodent, termite or ant infestation, then you can get it sorted out straight away by booking a service through ServiceMarket. The pest control professional will have all the tools and know-how to tackle these types of infestation and will ensure that the pests are completely eliminated. What’s more, the pest control treatment will be safe for your family.

The prices vary for different sized apartments and villas, and exclude the 5% VAT charge:

  • Studio: 149 AED
  • 1 BR: 179 AED – 229 AED
  • 2 BR: 199 AED – 249 AED
  • 3 BR: 229 AED – 299 AED
  • 4 BR: 249 AED – 349 AED
  • 5 BR: 299 AED – 399 AED

General pest control services

If you aren’t so sure of what pests may or have invaded your home, getting a general pest control service is the way to go. This service also offers preventative pest control, and is ideal for those who are moving into a new apartment. After all, prevention is better than cure.

The prices vary for different sized apartments and villas, and exclude the 5% VAT charge:

  • Studio: 199 AED
  • 1 BR: 229 AED – 279 AED
  • 2 BR: 249 AED – 299 AED
  • 3 BR: 279 AED – 349 AED
  • 4 BR: 299 AED – 399 AED
  • 5 BR: 349 AED – 449 AED

Three important things to remember before hiring a pest control company

  1. Make sure to check that they have full licensing and accreditation from the respective municipalities in the UAE.
  2. If you get quotes from multiple pest control services, don’t automatically go with the cheapest, and make sure that the prices are in line with the services that are offered.
  3. Be sure to find out if there will be a written contract covering details about the service and it’s guarantees.

You can easily find the best pest control services in Abu Dhabi through ServiceMarket, which only lists vetted and licensed companies.

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