COVID-19 Vaccines Approved for Travel to Dubai

approved vaccines for travel to dubai

Being an international touristΒ hub,Β DubaiΒ has recently uplifted the travel ban. However, tourists still have to adhere to certain restrictions.Β AllΒ travellersΒ entering and leaving DubaiΒ mustΒ undergo a COVID-19Β RT-PCRΒ test.Β IfΒ negative, the certificate should accompany them on their journey.Β 

If you’re in Dubai and have to travel, you can get your PCR test within the comfort of your home/hotel. However, please take the COVID test within 72 hours before departure.

If travelling to Dubai, tourists fromΒ countries, including Β Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,Β South Africa, Uganda, Vietnam, andΒ Zambia,Β require a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate with a QR code issued 48 hours before departure.Β Additionally, upon reaching the airport,Β six hours before the flight, theyΒ are supposed toΒ get a Rapid PCR test done. Before boarding the plane, the Rapid test report, along withΒ itsΒ QR code,Β has to be presented.

Nevertheless, people from Bangladesh, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Zambia still cannot travel to Dubai as Rapid PCR testing facilities are not available at their airports.

List of COVID-19 Vaccines Approved by Dubai

Along with the mandatory coronaΒ test, one should also be fully vaccinated if travelling to Dubai. Below is the list of COVID-19 vaccines approved by the UAE.


This joint creation of Sinopharm and China National Biotec Group got approved for use by the UAE’sΒ Ministry of Health and PreventionΒ (MOHAP)Β in early December 2020. Along with having 89% efficiency against COVID-19, it has proved to prevent moderate and severe cases of the coronavirus.

Sinopharm consists of two doses; you get the first one after examining your health, while the other one you get after a gap of around 21-28 days. 


Developed by a Beijing-based company, Sinovac was introduced for emergency use because of its easy-to-store properties. It also proved to be quite effective in preventing severe cases of the illness. This COVID-19 vaccine also requires 2 doses that are 21 days apart.


MOHAP approved this vaccine towards the end of December 2020. As opposed to other vaccines, Pfizer is safe to use for individuals as young as 12 years old. Just like Sinopharm, this vaccine also requires two doses taken with a gap of 21 days.

Sputnik V

In  January 2021, MOHAP registered Russia’s Sputnik for emergency use against COVID-19 as it was 100% effective in preventing severe cases of the virus. This two-dose vaccine is an adenoviral vector; once inside the body, it produces a gene that can travel to cells and prevent the virus. 

Oxford-AstraZeneca (including the Indian version Covishield)

Authorized in Dubai in February 2020, the Swedish-British vaccine is a weakened version of a virus common in chimpanzees that does not cause the virus but helps in combatting it. AstraZeneca also consists of 2 doses taken with a gap of 28 days.

You should keep into account the components of the vaccine before getting it and if you’re allergic to any of it, avoid it at all costs.


Just like Sputnik, this American-based vaccine also possesses adenoviral properties and is 94% efficient in preventing severe cases of illness.

Johnson & Johnson

Authorized for emergency use, this single-shot COVID-19 vaccine is quite efficient and effective in preventing any fatal symptoms. Only those who are 18 and above should take this vaccine.

How to Submit Proof of the Vaccination When Travelling to Dubai?

Simply visit the ICA website where you’d be asked to fill in your passport details, along with the vaccination name and the dates of all the doses taken. Additionally, you also have to upload the vaccination card.

Final Takeaway

Although the COVID-19 vaccines come with a few side effects, every surviving individual in this pandemic should get a jab as soon as possible as it provides improved immunity against the virus if infected by it. However, if you’re a fully vaccinated individual in Dubai and are thinking of travelling, you require to take a PCR test. And, what better way to book a PCR test than through ServiceMarket!

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