COVID Testing at Home with PCR and Rapid Antigen Test in Dubai

rapid antigen test

For fast-paced cities like Dubai, accessible PCR testing centers are important. This is because there are a large number of people, organizations, and brands here. As a result, there’s greater interaction and exchange. With this, the threat of COVID-19 becomes more real. Therefore, it’s best to follow safety procedures and SOPs to avoid the risk of infection.  

Testing is an important way to ensure that you’re free from this virus. But if you want to avoid crowds at testing centers, you can always get tested with a rapid antigen test from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can also book a PCR test at home. Read on to learn more about COVID home-testing. 

How to Use a Rapid Antigen Test 

This type of test is one of the most popular ways of getting tested at home for COVID-19. It’s simple, easy, and takes minutes to show results. In addition to this, it’s also widely accessible everywhere. This means that you will not have to spend too much time looking for it. In fact, you can probably find it easily at your nearest pharmacy. Unlike a PCR test, you won’t have to wait several hours for the result. Thus, if you’re in a hurry and you need to check yourself for COVID-19 urgently, this is the best way to do it. However, it’s important for you to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any confusion or errors. Here’s what you need to do.  

Doing the Test

In order to begin, collect a nasal specimen. Make sure you use the cotton swab correctly. This will be included in the kit. You will also find a vial of liquid and a test strip.  

  • Insert the collected swab in your nostril and rotate it thoroughly.  
  • Now, put the swab in the vial of liquid and stir it.
  • Make sure it’s coated properly with the liquid.
  • Open the test strip and squeeze three drops from your sample on it.
  • Ensure that you do this directly on the strip’s collection area.
  • Now, wait 15 minutes.
  • After this time has passed, check your results.

Remember, instructions for tests vary depending on the brand and company. So, follow the steps on the back of the kit carefully. Typically, kits require you to wait for a few minutes before you can determine your result. It’s also essential to wash your hands before and after.  

Checking the Result 

With a rapid antigen test, results are quick. But interpret them carefully so you know whether you’re positive or negative.  

For most tests, a double line means you’re positive while a single line means you’re negative. Depending on the result, you can then decide how to proceed.   

How to Get a PCR Test at Home in Dubai 

In addition to using a rapid antigen test, you can also get a PCR test at home. With a PCR test, you can get results within 24 hours or sooner. This method is slower than the rapid kit and usually more expensive. However, most PCR tests also use nasal specimens and get this with cotton swabs. Although rapid tests are easier to perform, they’re less accurate than this type of test. As a result, several people prefer PCR over other ways of testing. Even with this test, you can enjoy at-home services. Simply call your trusted clinic or testing center, and book a home sampling appointment for PCR testing.   

Booking a PCR Test at Home 

In order to book a home sample collection for COVID-19, call any testing center. They will likely ask you to choose a date and time. If they already have a lot of bookings, you may not get many options for choosing time slots. Now, you may have to provide your EID and contact information. Once this is done, you can confirm your booking. Make sure you’re available during the time slot you’ve been given.  

How Do I Register My COVID-19 Home Test Kit Online? 

It’s important to get your test kit registered. If it’s not, you may face trouble when taking the test or getting your result. Although there are a number of ways for registration, you can do this online too. Simply follow what your order confirmation email says. Users mostly have to use their order ID. After that, you’ll get a step-by-step guide for online registration. Follow that to complete the process.  


If you want to protect yourself and others from the threat of COVID-19, consider getting tests frequently. You can also use a rapid antigen test if you want to carry out this process yourself for quicker results. Do note that PCR tests are more commonly accepted in Dubai than rapid tests. In fact, several airlines don’t accept these test results from passengers. Thus, in order to save both time and effort, you can book a PCR test at home in Dubai as this is approved everywhere in the UAE and internationally.

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