Decluttering and Cleaning Your Dubai Home? Start by Getting Rid of These 6 Things

Decluttering and Cleaning Your Dubai Home

If you sort through your belongings, you’d be surprised by how many unnecessary things you  have accumulated over the years. Wondering what these things might be? The experts at ServiceMarket have put together a list of items you should get rid of before you book a professional cleaning service in Dubai for your upcoming spring cleaning session. 

  • Old documents: We often scribble reminders and information on pieces of paper but continue to keep them even after we don’t need them anymore. If you write down names and phone numbers on paper, then make it a habit to save them in your phone. While it’s a good practice to keep copies of your bills and other important documents, a lot of them, especially the really old ones, can be digitized instead of being kept in files. 
  • Worn out clothes: Look into your closet and you’re likely to find many clothing items that are either too worn out to wear, too small for your kids, or clothes that you just don’t wear. A lot of people just store such old clothes instead of donating or discarding them. They can take up a lot of your storage space and add to the clutter in your house, so be sure to get rid of them. 
  • Old toys: If you have kids, then be sure to sort through their old toys. You are likely to find many toys that your kids don’t play with anymore. Such toys can be donated to one of the charities in Dubai. If your kids bring home a lot of artwork, then consider scanning or taking pictures of them. You can even involve your kids in the process of decluttering your home. 
  • Expired food and medicines: Be sure to go through your pantry and fridge as well as medicine cabinets. Check the expiry date on each item and immediately get rid of the expired items. Not only do expired food items and medicines take up space unnecessarily but they also pose a health hazard.    
  • Damaged crockery: Check the plates, cups, dishes, mugs, glasses to see if any of them are cracked or chipped. Be sure to get rid of them as you wouldn’t want to put them in front of a guest and can hurt yourself by using them.   
  • Old home appliances and obsolete technology: Check your store room and cabinets for home appliances that don’t work or are too old. If you don’t use them, then there’s no point in keeping them in your home. The more clutter you have, the more difficult it will be for your cleaners in Dubai to do their job properly. The same goes for obsolete technology, e.g., old phone sets and desktop computers that you haven’t used in years.  

You can consider donating, selling or discarding these items. Keep in mind that to make sure your home remains clutter-free throughout the year, you should periodically repeat the process of sorting through your belongings and then getting rid of items you don’t need anymore. If you need help with keeping your home spick and span, then be sure to book a professional cleaning service in Dubai through ServiceMarket. 

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