Have You Been Neglecting These Areas While Cleaning Your Jeddah Home?

If you haven’t hired a deep cleaning service in Jeddah recently, then there are probably many areas and items in your home that have been gathering dust and grime for months. For example, most people change their bedding frequently but forget about the accumulating dust bunnies under the bed. In the daily grind, we often miss or neglect areas that are out of sight, difficult to reach, or hard to tackle. The deep cleaning experts at ServiceMarket have compiled a comprehensive list of these areas and items. 

Under and behind furniture

It is not easy to lift up or move heavy furniture like sofas and beds, which is why we often find dust bunnies under and behind them. All the extra dust can trigger allergies or aggravate asthma symptoms. A deep cleaning service in Jeddah can help by vacuuming the areas behind and under large pieces of furniture. 

Ceiling fans and AC grills 

Have you ever looked at the ceiling fan and realized how dirty it is? Fans tend to collect dust just like all other surfaces in the house. Likewise, AC grills can also gather dirt and dust since these are not easy-to-access. Deep cleaning services tackle these surfaces.  

Household appliances 

Spills happen and gunk accumulates in common household appliances. These include ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. To properly clean your refrigerator, remove everything from it and clean all shelves and surfaces. Use the right cleaning materials to get rid of congealed substances from daily heating, baking and cooking in the oven and microwave. Your deep cleaning service covers these household appliances.  


Whether your windows remain open or closed, they need to be cleaned regularly. Neglected windows, like the ones that are out of reach, can lose their sparkling clean look quickly. If you hire a deep cleaning service, your windows will be wiped down properly from the inside and all stains will also be removed. Windowsill and grills will be wiped down as well.

Tops of wardrobes and high shelves 

Not only are the tops of wardrobes and high shelves difficult to reach, but they also remain out of sight. That’s why we often miss or choose to ignore them while cleaning the rest of the house. They’re probably the dustiest areas in your house so be sure to clean them regularly. 

Bathroom fixtures

When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom fixtures? We often neglect them because it takes a lot of time and effort to clean them properly. To get you bathroom sink, bathtub, bidet, showerheads, taps, and other water fixtures washed and scrubbed, you should consider hiring a deep cleaning service. 

Balcony and lawn furniture 

Who has time for cleaning outdoor furniture when there are so many other cleaning chores that need to be tackled? The solution is to hire a deep cleaning service! Your balcony and lawn furniture will be dusted and wiped down. All stains, even the stubborn ones, will be removed. What’s more, your balcony railings, doors and windows will also be cleaned.  

If you want to tackle these often neglected areas of the house, be sure to get free quotes from the best deep cleaning services in Jeddah through ServiceMarket

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