Types of Electricians in Dubai

When you have to hire an electrician in Dubai, there are many factors to take into consideration. It is always a bit overwhelming when you have to hire an expert for a task around your home or office and you can’t seem to find the right one. Here is a breakdown by ServiceMarket of the two types of electricians you can hire, depending on the space you have and the amount and nature of work that is needed.

Before you commit to a domestic or commercial electrician, first you need to know the difference between them and what would suit your needs.

Commercial Electrician

These are electricians in Dubai that work on construction sites. They are constantly found on the site in order to give guidance and an expert opinion on how the electricity wiring should be properly installed. Architects and construction workers don’t know how or where wiring, outlets, and plugs should go; but commercial electricians always find a solution to make it work. These types of electricians are always requested at the beginning and end of a project to make sure things are going smoothly; they can sometimes be requested to rewire an entire electrical circuit in a home if there are many problems. As long as there’s thorough and detailed communication between you and the commercial electrician, there should be no mistakes or electrical failures at the end of the project.

The types of sites you can find a commercial electrician at would be schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and hospitals. Because these venues need a specialized electrical system installed; the electrician must be fully trained and up to the task of rewiring safety features in schools, large appliances in restaurants, and medical machinery in hospitals. The necessary electricity to power these places far exceeds that of a residential space and the commercial electricians need to accommodate that demand.  

Domestic Electrician

They are dedicated to residential areas more so than commercial sites. These electricians are well-trained and educated in all wiring and electricity matters that you can call them for a variety of issues. Domestic electricians in Dubai know the inner workings of circuits in the city and are well-equipped to handle it all from A to Z. Whether you’re looking for someone to deal with a faulty outlet or to install a new light, a domestic electrician will come to your aid. There is no issue too small, so instead of dealing with it yourself and possibly injuring yourself in the process, call the professionals.

In some cases, an old home might need a complete electric makeover; in this case, a domestic electrician will be the one to call. Homes built years ago are not equipped to handle today’s high amount of electric appliances, meaning someone needs to come in and rework all the wiring before you start using anything. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you feel there might be an issue with one of the plugs – don’t simply ignore it, call one of the many electrical companies in Dubai.

In addition to installing a myriad of appliances, you can count on domestic electricians to deal with ceiling fans, repairing any failures, testing your new security system, and trying out new appliances before operating them. When you need extra outlets in your home, they can also install those for you and ensure your home’s electrical status is up to code.

Research Before Hiring An Electrician

As you are well aware, there are a few items to check off the list before you hire a maintenance expert. For matters of the cost, you can get that in detail from ServiceMarket once you add your needs and requirements, the size of your home, and a time and date that suits you. You should also look into customer reviews and feedback on projects the electrician has worked on in the past. If you are considering a commercial or domestic electrician in Dubai, ask for references and samples of their past work. Make sure to check out all your options before making a decision.

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