Dubai AC Blowing Warm Air? Here Are 5 Reasons Why

If you live in Dubai, you’ll know that your AC is an extremely important part of your home! When it breaks down, you’re likely to be panicking about what you’re going to do to stay comfortable in your villa/apartment.  

Like many of the appliances that are used daily in our homes, AC units have a tendency to stop working as they should. One such problem is blowing warm air. 

There are a number of reasons why your AC might be blowing warm air, but whatever the problem is, it is important to have regular AC maintenance in Dubai to ensure that you are always comfortable in your home. Here we will look at the 5 most common reasons for your AC unit to be blowing warm air.

5 Most Common Reasons Your AC is Blowing Warm Air 

1. Wrong Thermostat Setting

Yes – this may seem like the most simple thing ever, but the thermostat is the first place you should check! Double-check the temperature just to check that your setting is still what it should be, and make sure that your fan is set to ‘auto’ as opposed to ‘on’. If your fan is set to ‘on’ it will turn continuously even if your AC unit isn’t working to cool your home, and so warmer air will be blown through your AC vents.

2. The Outside Unit is Clogged

The second reason why your AC might be blowing warm air is that your outside unit is clogged. To expel the heat in your home, the outdoor and indoor air conditioning units have to work together. It is easy for the outside unit to accumulate dirt and debris and not work as it should, therefore your AC unit will not cool your home efficiently. If you think this might be the problem, don’t hesitate to book a professional clean for the entire air conditioning system with an AC maintenance service in Dubai.

3. Outside Unit Has Lost Power

As your outside and inside air conditioning units are powered separately, there is a chance that your outside unit might no longer have power, even if your indoor unit is still functioning. When this happens your AC system will simply blow warm air into your home. 

Your outside unit can lose power when a circuit breaker is tripped or a fuse is blown, so it might be as simple as checking your circuit breaker or fuse box. Be aware though, that if you are having to check for lost power frequently there may be a more serious underlying electrical issue that you will need to have checked by an AC maintenance professional.

4. Dust and Dirt Build-Up

Another reason for your AC unit to blow warm air is due to a build-up of dust or other debris. A dirty air filter can lead to a dirty evaporator coil or you may find that the condenser unit is dirty. For the air conditioning unit to cool effectively, it needs a clear path and, while you might be able to change the filter yourself, any other AC maintenance should be done by a professional AC maintenance service.

5. Refrigerant is Low or Leaking

The final common reason for your AC to blow warm air is the result of a low refrigerant level, possibly due to a leak. The refrigerant is what absorbs the heat within your home, so if the level is low or there is a leak, less heat is able to be absorbed and the rest of the unit will struggle to cool your home effectively.

An indicator of a refrigerant leak is if you notice ice forming on either the indoor or outdoor unit. Although you might be able to identify the problem yourself, this problem can only be sorted out by an AC repair professional who will be able to fix the leak and perform a refrigerant charge to get your AC unit working properly again.

Get an AC Service in Dubai to Fix the Problem  

If your AC unit is blowing warm air, you need a professional AC service in Dubai to identify the problem and have your home comfortably cool again. With Service Market, you can find the right AC maintenance service for your home. Simply click here to book your AC service in Dubai or for your 5 free quotes for professional AC maintenance.

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