Eco-Friendly Cleaning Alternatives

eco friendly cleaning alternatives

The world of today has plenty of petroleum-based products we can choose from to clean our surfaces, but they have a questionable amount of environmental effects we need to avoid. A lot of the chemicals we use to work on unclogging drains have some pretty terrible effects on the environment and they may even be dangerous for our health if we’re not careful. They may be very efficient at what they do, but the fact remains that they are poisons, meaning they will end up in the environment where they simply don’t belong. During most of the time they will end up on your local landfill, soaking into the ground and sometimes even ending up in water supplies. There are plenty of alternatives you and cleaning companies can use to do the same job safely, so you will need to do what you can to use less intrusive measure:

  • Using green cleaners: The growing awareness of the public in terms of ecological threats and hazardous chemicals has affected the image and profits of large corporate players on the market, forcing them to adapt to new ways of doing their business. They have adapted to it by using safer alternatives. You can even use a number of supplies you can find around your home to get the job done, such as vinegar, baking soda and borax. They will allow you to make your cleaning efforts less hazardous and just as easy to deal with if you work on them properly.
  • Keep your home ventilated: Many people believe there is no need to open any windows as long as they have air conditioning instead. Well that doesn’t exactly work, as there are plenty of trace toxic materials used in our modern homes that are often ignored. Although they are not quite as much of a danger, they still mean you will need to open those windows once in a while to keep things fresh. Air conditioning can keep pollen out, but you would still suffer from dust around the house, not to mention that many air conditioners are systems that carry dust when the filters are unchanged for a long time.
  • Fun with baking soda: You can use it for cooking, but you can also use it for cleaning in truly amazing ways. You can use it to absorb odors and clean surfaces due to its relative grittiness; you can mix it with vinegar to clean drains and even more. It can also help in cleaning mold and it could help prevent it through continued cleaning efforts.
  • Using natural scents: You can find a number of air fresheners that contain chemicals meant to emulate natural scents, producing them in mass quantities at affordable production costs for increased profits. Natural scents however are much more pleasant and they lack the aerosols present in the commercial products. You can do the same thing by using cinnamon, geraniums, cloves and a number of other plants that give out amazing scents and don’t really have any unpleasant side effects.

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