How Much Do Electricians in Dubai Cost?

cost of electrician dubai

When hiring an electrician in Dubai, one of the first thoughts to cross one’s mind is how much will the electrician cost you. Electricians in Dubai typically cost around AED 129- AED 250 per hour depending on the number of hours, and the type of work, and the company you are hiring the electrician from.

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The cost of an electrician in Dubai depends on several factors, some of which have been outlined below for your ease.

Number of hours

The time taken to complete the project determines the final cost of hiring an electrician in Dubai. As the number of hours you’re hiring an electrician for increases, the cost per hour will decrease. So, if you hire an electrician for one hour it will cost you around AED 135. But if you hire for 7 hours it will cost you less. So, the number of hours matters significantly when deciding on the cost of hiring an electrician in Dubai.

Rates generally vary between AED135-AED150 per hour. But with ServiceMarket you can get licensed electricians starting from only AED99 per hour!

Type of project

When it comes to the type of project it can range from installing indoor or outdoor lighting, switches, sockets, or transformers to fixing electrical appliances to designing the complete electrical framework. 

If you want to install something and require additional parts for the installation like switches or any electrical appliance components, it will cost you extra. Lightbulbs, switches, and simple wires might not cost much but some spare parts for instance, for smart home systems, are expensive and can significantly drive up the final price.

The cost of hiring an electrician in Dubai also depends on the type of project. A commercial project will cost more while domestic electrical work will cost less given the less complex electric wiring framework.

Moreover, electrical appliances found in residential settings often feature components that are readily accessible, unlike the heavy-duty machinery utilized in commercial ventures.


A qualified electrical professional will have different diplomas in the field. He will be certified to fix a host of different electrical appliances. Hence, he will have a better knowledge of how to deal with different electrical problems. Naturally, he will charge more as opposed to a less qualified electrician.Β 

A normal electrician will not be able to tackle that problem immediately but a licensed one will be able to figure out the problem straight away, quickly providing its solution. So rationally, the overall rate would be similar or even lesser as the number of hours taken by the qualified electrician will ideally be less than the unqualified one.

Experience in the field

A seasoned electrician possesses greater expertise and understanding in addressing various issues across different departments. This equips them to swiftly identify and resolve the root cause of a problem, as opposed to an inexperienced electrician who may encounter such challenges for the first time. Consequently, the experienced electrician can complete the task more efficiently, resulting in lower overall costs.

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