Expo 2020 Dubai Entry: Do You Require a PCR Test?

Expo 2020 Dubai entry rules

After being under frequent lockdowns and strict restrictions, Dubai is now back in action and so is the much-awaited Expo 2020. Starting from 1st October 2021, the six-month-long spectacle is now in full swing. Catering to individuals from all age groups, with a total of 192 pavilions belonging to nations worldwide, the event is an amalgam of architecture, technology, and innovation.

To maintain a safe space for all, vaccinations and PCR testing are still extremely important. So if you want to attend the event and require a PCR test and don’t feel like going to a center, you can book an at-home PCR test service in Dubai. The at-home PCR test is available to you within the comfort of wherever you’re staying/living!

However, before doing so, do give this article a read. It contains rules and regulations put in place by the organizers of the biggest summit of the season. 

Entry Not Allowed

The ticket holders who cannot enter the premises whatsoever include:

  • Those experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus.
  • Those who have been in contact with anyone who has contracted the virus or is suspected of it.
  • Those ordered to self-quarantine by the authorities.

Vaccination Certificates and PCR Test Reports

Vaccinated Individuals

Both fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals should present their proof of vaccination when they arrive. Visitors and residents likewise can upload their vaccination certificates on the Al Hosn App. 

Tourists can register on the App by using the UID number that they receive on arrival at the airport. However, if one is unable to access the digital proof, they can show paper certificates issued by their respective countries.

Unvaccinated Individuals 

Individuals who are not vaccinated should take a PCR test no more than 72 hours before the entrance. Unvaccinated individuals aged less than 18 are not required to show any negative test results whatsoever: they can come as-is.

Other Attendees

However, if none of the above apply to you, you can still attend the event. You can get tested at the facility located just beside the Expo 2020 site, the results of which you’ll receive in around 4 hours. 

Nonetheless, we still recommend you to take the test beforehand as then you’ll have extra time on your hands to spend at the Expo.

Free PCR Test

Unvaccinated attendees over the age of 18 can take a free PCR test by showing their tickets either at the DHA testing facility adjacent to the site or a testing center specified on the Expo 2020 App.

However, you can have a look at who can and who cannot avail this offer on their website.

Exempted Individuals 

People exempted from getting vaccinated are required to bring their medical exemption certificate along with them. However, we recommend you still take a PCR test beforehand just to be clear.

Face Masks

Be it outdoors or indoors, wearing masks is a must once inside the premises unless you are exempt from it by the concerned authorities.

Social Distancing

All attendees are required to practice social distancing while at the site: they should all be at least two meters away from each other at all times.

Hand Sanitizing

There are hand sanitizers placed at various spots throughout the site for everyone to use. So, please take care of hygiene and sanitize your hands whenever you feel the need.

Final Takeaway 

In conclusion, the organizers have done all in their capacity to present to you a safe arena even during these testing times. They’ve installed thermal cameras at the entrance to easily detect those with fever; one of the symptoms of the virus. 

There are three DHA-run testing facilities and a few first-aid posts on the site for you to consult if your health feels suspicious. The entire staff is fully trained in giving you all a sanitized and clean environment to enjoy the event in.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to adhere to all the above-mentioned rules and cooperate with the management to ensure the well-being of the entire community.

So, take all the vaccinations and necessary tests beforehand. ServiceMarket is offering you an at-home PCR test service in Dubai, so book it immediately! Don’t leave it to the last minute and get all geared up to celebrate this futuristic extravaganza!

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