How to Get a Fair Estimate from Your Movers and Packers

Are you moving neighborhoods and thinking about hiring movers in Dubai? Perhaps you’re wondering about the expense and whether it would be financially more feasible to do it yourself? The team at ServiceMarket believes that getting a cost estimate for your move will help you make the right decision. We asked our moving partner MoveHub for some advice on how to get a fair estimate from movers. Here are some suggestions from MoveHub:

Decide Who Does What

To get a good estimate of the price, you need to decide a few things before you get in touch with any moving companies. What services do you need from them? Do you just need the moving company to transport your possessions or would they also be providing packing services? Who would be doing the majority of the packing? All these will definitely have a major impact on the cost.

A piece of advice though: even when getting professional help, you might be more comfortable packing some things on your own, especially any valuable or sentimental items. Otherwise, you’re better off with letting the movers pack for you, especially with bulkier items or if you have limited time on your hands.

Identify the Scope

Apart from this, being clear on the full scope for which you’re hiring the moving company is important. Other factors that would affect the cost – and hence, the estimate – can include: whether the rates are flat, by the hour or a mix; if the packing materials are charged separately; the size of your house and the number of rooms; how fragile or bulky items are, etc. In general, the more stuff you have or take, the more you will be charged. Another thing to bear in mind is that unpacking charges would also be separate.

Contact More Than One Company

So to be really, really sure you can get the best deal and as fair an estimate as possible, get quotes from more than one movers and packers. Talking to three to five companies is a good strategy. This way, you’ll have a better idea of the price when you make your final decision.

However, price should not be the only deciding factor. Look at the overall package a company is offering you. Read up on reviews about the company’s services online. Talk to friends and family who might have used their services to get a clearer picture of the quality and experience. It is very important to not be roped into a ‘bargain deal’ or hire a company that is untrustworthy. Ask the moving companies lots of detailed questions. These can include, but of course are not limited to how many pairs of hands will be there on the day; are there any hidden costs; how long will moving and transporting really take; will your possessions be insured by the company while in transit, etc.

Are There Any Extra Fees?

You need to be aware of all the circumstance or instances that your Dubai movers might charge you separately depending on the situation. For example, lots of bulky items or climbing a lot of stairs repeatedly to transfer your things might mean there will be a surcharge. Plus, will there be any separate fees for the truck or the gas used, perhaps beyond a certain distance? Do you pitch in yourself? What happens if you request for an extra hand? Do you tip your movers? Knowing such factors can give you more than a fair estimate of how much you will be spending if you hire a certain company.

Other Aspects to Consider

Some other points you should keep in mind when you’re hunting around for a good moving company are if you’ll need to get insurance for your possessions. Then, the timing of your move would also impact the estimates you get. If you’re moving within a couple of weeks, or if they are already booked, then you might have to pay higher to retain the moving company that you like/prefer. Be prepared to negotiate with the movers, especially if you have flexibility regarding time. And if the companies agree, you can also consider getting on-site surveys to be able to get more accurate estimates.

In other words, when trying to get the fairest estimates from movers in Dubai, try to keep in mind a holistic picture. Talk to them in detail and discuss factors like your budget, the quality of their service, time constraints, etc. to be able to decide between companies and choose the one that best suits your needs.

About MoveHub

Previously known as Twiga Movers, MoveHub is a professional relocation company in the region that prides itself on providing a customized moving solution for their customers moving needs. Established in UAE in the year 2011, MoveHub has grown consistently with it’s fully customer centric approach to the relocation business. Complete customer satisfaction is at the crux of the MoveHub business model. With over 15000 successful moves and 80% referral clients, it is no surprise that MoveHub has been voted as the best moving company in Dubai by its valued customers.

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