How to Get a Fair Estimate from Your Movers in Jeddah

The cost of hiring professional movers and packers in Jeddah depends on the volume of your goods, the services you need and your special requirements. But there are some ways to cut down the cost and get a fair estimate from your moving company. The experts at ServiceMarket have compiled a list of some insider tips to help you do so. 

Sort through your belongings 

Moving is an ideal time to declutter your home and sell, donate or get rid of the items you no longer need. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be left with only the essential items. Decluttering will also cut down the cost of moving. The fewer the items, the less your movers and packers will charge you.    

Figure out your needs

The next step to get a fair estimate for your move is to decide what services you will need. Besides transporting your goods, moving companies in Jeddah also assemble and disassemble your own furniture as well as pack and unpack everything If you have any special needs like packing and moving sensitive items like painting, grand pianos or antiques, the moving company might charge you extra for it. You might also have to face higher costs if you need the moving and packers have to climb a flight of stairs.

Make sure the survey is thorough

For a fair and accurate estimate, your movers and packers in Jeddah must survey your belongings thoroughly. If they don’t do so before sending the quote, consider hiring another moving company to avoid surprises. Once this is done, be sure to scrutinize the quotation. 

Be aware of extra charges

Extra charges cover situations in which the mover had to make an extra effort to complete the task. For example, some movers will charge a fee every time they need to carry your belongings up and down stairs. Other moving companies will charge a fee if they need to move unusually large or heavy items. You should also check the quote to see whether or not the cost of insurance has already been included. 

Comparison shopping 

The easiest and most effective way to make sure you are getting the best price for your move is to request and compare multiple moving quotes. If you notice a big difference between quotations from two movers, be sure to check if it’s because of an additional service. Ask your moving company for a written and itemized quote so you can compare not just the cost but also the services they are offering to find the best deal. You’d be surprised by how much money you can save by doing some comparison shopping. You can expect to pay between SAR 1000 and SAR 1500 for a studio apartment and SAR 4000 to SAR 7000 for a villa. 

You can easily find the best professional movers and packers in Jeddah through ServiceMarket. What’s more, you can request free quotes from multiple vetted moving companies, compare ratings and read customer reviews online to make an informed decision. 

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