How to Find a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Abu Dhabi

Carpet Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

Living in the desert, even in a thriving city like Abu Dhabi, often means dust and sand get into many places in your home. Your carpets and rugs can collect a lot of dust and sand quickly, but you don’t need to worry since there are many professional carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. However, finding a good cleaning company can be tricky, so ServiceMarket has put together a handy guide to help you do so.

Licensed carpet cleaners

Once you have shortlisted some carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, make sure they are reputable and licensed. Unfortunately, there are many β€˜companies’ that scam people. They might not have the required equipment to clean carpets, might not know how to use the products and equipment properly and might use unsafe products. Carpet cleaning services that are licensed use safe products, have the correct equipment and employ staff that are adequately trained. Companies who are certified are likely to get the job done properly and have proper customer service policies. If in doubt, ask your carpet cleaning company these five questions to ensure that you hire a reputable company.

The health factor

Getting your carpet cleaned professionally, at least twice a year, is beneficial for the health of your family, but it is important to hire a cleaning company that is reputable and uses products that will not damage the carpet and pose no harm to you and your family. A licensed and carpet cleaning company will have the right equipment to remove all the dust, sand, bacteria and pests from your carpet.

Read customer reviews

Many professional carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi have customer reviews available on home services platforms like ServiceMarket. After you’ve shortlisted a few carpet cleaning companies that look promising, you should see what their previous customers said about the quality of their services.

Comparison shopping

If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is, and the most expensive one is not necessarily the best option. You can get quotes from a number of companies and compare the services each one offers and weigh them against the price. This approach can also help you save a lot of money and get the best carpet cleaning services. ServiceMarket is an ideal online marketplace for comparison shopping. You can also book carpet cleaning through ServiceMarket, in which case, shampoo cleaning will cost AED 15/sqm and steam cleaning AED 25/sqm.

You can easily find the right professional carpet cleaning service in Abu Dhabi through ServiceMarket, which only features vetted and licensed companies.

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