5 Questions to Ask a Carpet Cleaning Service in Dubai

Carpet Cleaning Service in Dubai

Getting the carpets of your Dubai home professionally cleaned a few times a year will help improve the indoor air quality in your home and make your home look fresh and luxurious throughout the year. When you look for a good carpet cleaning company in Dubai, keep in mind that not all companies are equal. A good cleaning company will provide you with written quotes, a guarantee of service and enough safety information to put your mind at ease. It will also have employees with the proper experience and qualifications. Use ServiceMarket to find the best cleaning companies in Dubai and ask them the following questions about their services:

1. Ask About the Cleaner’s Qualifications and Experience

Like any other professional, a good cleaner will have the right certifications, qualifications, and licensing. Ask the cleaning companies you are interested in what kind of certification the company holds and whether or not they are licensed in the city of Dubai to conduct business. Many professed cleaning companies are just a guy with a machine and no professional qualifications. A licensed cleaning company in Dubai is more likely to get the job done correctly.

Ask the cleaning company what type of training they provide for their cleaners. Professional carpet cleaners can have training that ranges from simple equipment use explanation to a certification from an accredited institution. Asking about these certifications is essential for many reasons. A well-qualified cleaner can guarantee excellent results and there is less likelihood of damage to your carpets.

If your cleaner lacks the professional certification or training program, they may make up for it in other ways. For example, you may find it more reassuring to have a professional with many years of experience cleaning your carpets for you instead of a new employee. Furthermore, booking an appointment with a housekeeping service in Dubai with longevity will give you a better guarantee for your service.

2. What Do they Use to Clean your Carpets?

Ask your carpet cleaner what type of equipment they use to do the job. Different equipment gives different results. Some equipment will, therefore, give better results than others. Search up the best equipment that can be used for carpet cleaning and ask the cleaning company in Dubai that you are interested if they use that equipment. Be sure also to ask what type of chemicals they use to clean the carpets and whether or not the chemicals are safe for pets and children.

3. Time Frame

You may be getting your carpets cleaned to get your Dubai home ready for a special event which means it is vital for you to know how long it will take to have the cleaning done. Also, be sure to ask how long it takes for the carpets to dry and when they can be walked on again. These questions are important to ask so you can plan your schedule around the cleaning and so that you don’t accidentally ruin or stain your carpet after the cleaner is done.

4. How Much Does the Cleaning Company Charge?

Getting accurate quotes and estimates will help you be able to compare different carpet cleaning services in Dubai. On top of that, when you get a correct quote in writing, you will be able to avoid any extra or hidden charges that the service provider may try to sneak in after the job is done. Ask your cleaning professional to give you a quote covering all aspects of the service and break it down for you or visit ServiceMarket to receive quotes from the best cleaning company in Dubai.

5. Ask About Guarantee of Service

If you are paying money for a service, you want to be sure it will get done correctly. Ask about whether or not the service is guaranteed and if you can get your money back if the cleaning is not done correctly. Also, ask for the guarantee of service in writing before the cleaning begins.

Remember to ask your cleaning company professional as many questions as you need before paying for the service. It is important that you are comfortable with the cleaning company you choose. To find the best carpet cleaning services in Dubai visit ServiceMarket. ServiceMarket allows you to read verified customer reviews and receive accurate quotes from the best cleaning services in Dubai.

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