Getting Blood Tests at Home: Which Ones Are Available in Dubai?

blood test at home

Ever since the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic, the openness to scheduling lab tests at home has increased in Dubai. Consequently, the volume of lab test appointments has declined. Patients are finding it safer and much more convenient to schedule a blood test at home than to visit a doctor’s clinic and sit in the waiting room. At-home blood sample collection is not just quicker and safer, but it’s also accurate!Β 

When you suspect you might have food allergies, UTI, slugging metabolism, high cholesterol, or any other medical condition that requires attention, you can easily get a lab test done at home!

Type of Blood Tests at Home You Can Take in Dubai

Telehealth has made it possible to collect specimen samples of blood, saliva, stool, and urine from the patient’s home. Elderly patients or those who can’t make it to the clinic for sample collection can book a lab test in their home’s safe environment. At-home blood sample collection also puts those kids to ease who are afraid of the hospital’s settings. 

The samples after collection are then taken to the testing laboratory for the physician’s analysis. The results of the tests are either mailed to the patient’s address or can be collected from the clinic. You can take a lab test at home for several medical conditions. Here are some lab tests that you can book at home: 

1: Complete Blood Count Test (CBC)

As known to most, a CBC test checks the levels of ten different components of WBCs, RBCs, and platelets. You can book this home blood test to evaluate your overall health and detect infection or a disorder like anemia. The phlebotomist draws sample blood usually at the bend in your elbow and takes it to the lab for analysis.

2: Blood Pregnancy Test 

You can also order a blood test at home in Dubai to confirm a pregnancy. The test conducted in this case measures the levels of hCG hormone in the blood. This test can confirm the presence of a placenta with greater accuracy and earlier in gestation compared to other pregnancy tests.  

The phlebotomist collects a blood sample from one of your veins in the arm. After the collection, they take the sample to the lab to track the presence of hCG levels over time.

3: Liver Function Test 

Liver Function Test (LFT) is a type of blood test that helps diagnose and monitor liver damage or the presence of liver disease. It can also monitor the side effects of a medication on your liver function. For LFT, the phlebotomist or nurse follows the standard process of drawing a blood sample and sending it to the laboratory for further analysis. 

4: Thyroid Function Test

Although a thyroid test requires a physical exam and a thyroid scan, the doctor will order a blood test too to measure the level of thyroid hormones in your blood. This helps determine if your thyroid gland is functioning normally. 

It is safe to take a lab test at home for diagnosing thyroid problems. The phlebotomist draws blood from a vein in your arm and sends the sample to the laboratory to do the needful.  

5: Lipid Profile 

Lipid profile, also known as lipid panel is a comprehensive cholesterol test that determines how much cholesterol and triglycerides are present in your blood. For this home visit blood test, the blood is normally drawn in the morning or after fasting (since the night before). 

6: Vitamin D Deficiency Test

It is also called the 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D test. The phlebotomist draws blood from the inside of the elbow or the back of the hand. They then take it for analysis to determine if you are deficient in this essential vitamin or not. 

It’s Safe to Take a Blood Test at Home!

A home blood test is a simple and safe way to perform a variety of diagnostic and preventative health screening tests in the privacy of your own home. This is especially safer for patients with a busy schedule or those who are confined to at-home care.  

When you schedule a blood test at home, a trained phlebotomist or a licensed nurse is sent to your home at your scheduled time to draw the blood sample. They come with all the necessary equipment to perform the procedure. The blood specimen is collected in a collecting vial and is safely stored and delivered to the laboratory. Expect to get the results within 24 hours or sooner.

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