Things Your Guests Are Sure to Notice When They Come Over

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With the limited free time that we have these days, it is hard to figure out what needs attention around the house when someone is about to visit. An easy way to do this is to remember the last time you were a guest at someone’s place – what did you notice while you were there? If you can’t remember, fret not, ServiceMarket has compiled a list for you.

The scent

What is the first thing that you unintentionally take note of when you walk into someone’s home? The smell, of course! Therefore, unless you have become nose blind (we hope not!) to the smells of your home, you need to make sure that every room smells pleasant. No yes-I-have-a-furry-friend or I-don’t-remember-last-time-I-aired-my-home smells, please. Light a scented candle or two or simmer sliced lemons or oranges in the kitchen right before your guests arrive!

The clutter

If your guests are like most people, they will always pick up on the amount of clutter in your home. You might or might not get judged for it, but why not put your guests at ease by clearing up the counters and tables of your home of the piles of paperwork, bills, and whatnot. You can always fill a small, clear-sided tub with things you will need to put back after your guests have left. As for unnecessary clutter, we advise that you slowly eliminate it from your life. Β 

Bathroom amenities

Isn’t it amazing to walk into a bathroom that has everything you would need to freshen up? Think about how you would feel at a friend’s house if the hand towel in the restroom looked like it hadn’t seen the inside of a washing machine in weeks. Stock up the guest bathroom with fresh towels, and toilet paper and carefully pick out toiletries. If you want to go the extra mile, light a scented candle.

A messy fridge

Do you have friends who feel comfortable fetching their own snacks and drinks from the kitchen? A messy fridge is something that won’t escape their notice. Moreover, a messy fridge isn’t a great idea for your health and peace of mind either. Grab a trash bag and throw away expired products and food that haven’t seen the light of day in weeks. Also, make sure to take out, wash, and store away the almost-empty containers that take up valuable fridge space. Next, stock up on all your eating essentials, throw in some treats for your friends, and arrange everything neatly. Your guests are sure to notice the extra effort you put in to make them happy when they open the fridge door.

Belongings that showcase who you are

Humans are innately curious. That curiosity can crop up anytime and anywhere. So expect your guests to notice the art and photographs that you keep around the house. Subconsciously, people realize that looking at such things will tell them more about the homeowner. So put up tasteful artwork and favorite photographs around the house and leave the books you read out for everyone to see. Nobody likes to come home to a starkly empty home, anyway.

The state of certain rooms

There is a lot that can be guessed about a person by peeking into their kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. While your guests won’t find their way into your bedroom, make sure that you keep the kitchen nice and tidy and the bathrooms as sparklingly clean as you can. If you have a no-shoes rule around the house, then this is especially important. You want your guests to be comfortable and not worry about getting dirt, grime, and sticky stuff on their feet from walking across your kitchen floor barefoot.

While you should not obsess over the state of your home when a guest is about to arrive (some people rush out to buy new things and scrub away at everything), just keep things tidy and reasonably clean. If you follow a regular cleaning schedule, you won’t even have to worry about this. If you never seem to find the time to housekeep, perhaps consider getting a full-time or part-time housemaid.

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