How to Throw the Best Halloween Party in Abu Dhabi

Looking for tips to to throw the best Halloween party? With so many Halloween parties taking place across Abu Dhabi, you need to go the extra mile to make your party memorable. Start by choosing the right catering company in Abu Dhabi and be sure to follow these tips put together by the experts at ServiceMarket!

Shortlist your guests

Guests play a pivotal role in shaping a party. Have you decided your guest list? Are the guests adults, mostly children or a mixture? Once you are clear about your guest list, you will be able to tailor your party accordingly. This includes the time of the event, its length and the kind of activities you will have. If you want to invite both adults and children to your Halloween party, you need to ensure that there is enough to keep both parties entertained. Perhaps consider hiring a babysitter to supervise the children or even take them trick-or-treating. A party with mostly work colleagues, needs to be a bit more formal, while a party consisting of mainly family and close friends can be more casual and fun and you can afford to let your hair down a bit more easily.

Choose a theme

Having a themed party for Halloween is a must. A theme will make your party more memorable. Make sure you ask your guests to dress up according to the theme. For example, they can wear traditional spooky costumes or dress up as superheroes. No matter what the theme is, no Halloween party is complete without a pumpkin (or many pumpkins) so make sure to get your hands on some real or fake pumpkin carvings for your event space. For a spooky themed party, you can work with the lighting of your home to make the atmosphere scarier. You can leverage decorations to set the mood of the party. You can even ask your caterer in Abu Dhabi to prepare themed snacks to match the theme of your Halloween party. Catering companies in Abu Dhabi will be able to help you define your Halloween theme and provide snacks and a variety of dishes that match it.

Pick out-of-the-box activities

Step away from the classic games that most Halloween parties have and decide on activities that will engage your guests. For example, you can have a best dress contest and give a gift card or voucher to up the stakes and encourage all your guests to participate. Another way to surprise and delight your guests is to host a game, e.g., a murder mystery party. Remember to not let your guests know about the activities and games until they arrive. This will give your guests a memorable evening that they weren’t expecting and is sure to keep people talking for months to come.

Make the food memorable

One thing that guests always remember about a party is the food. A great party can become an average party if guests get a scanty or dull selection of food. That’s why it’s important to hire the right catering company in Abu Dhabi to make your party memorable. Don’t forget to ask about traditional Halloween snacks like pumpkin pies and Halloween themed cookies to keep the spooky atmosphere going. 

You can easily find the most suitable catering company in Abu Dhabi through ServiceMarket. Be sure to get quotes from multiple caterers and read customer reviews online! 

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