7 Things to Keep Handy on Moving Day in Dubai

Moving day is finally here and the end of this long process is in sight. You’ve done everything you could to prepare for this day, and now it’s time to execute your plan perfectly. Although you already have a checklist of tasks to do, something might still need to be done at the last minute. There is no way you can account for everything that could possibly happen during your big move in Dubai, but you can be prepared for all sorts of eventualities. ServiceMarket in collaboration with ISS Relocations provides you with a list of essentials you should keep handy on moving day:

1. Cleaning supplies

It is a really good idea to keep basic cleaning supplies such as paper towels, multi-purpose cleaning sprays, a handheld vacuum, magic erasers, garbage bags and a broom and dustpan around on moving day. These will help you complete last minute cleaning tasks in your old home before the final walk through with your landlord, as well as get your new home ready to live in. For example, large garbage bags are essential to get rid of any waste left after the move, or any items left in your new home by the old tenants. On top of that, multipurpose cleaning sprays can be used to disinfect your new kitchen and bathroom when you arrive. A broom and dustpan are also essential for cleaning up any spills and breaks during the move. It’s also recommended that you book a deep cleaning service for your new home before you move in.

2. Food, and lots of it!

Movers, helpers, your kids, your pets, and you will be very hungry all day while you move.

This means that you must plan ahead to have enough on-the-go food and drinks for everyone. Your best options here are pizza, sandwiches, water bottles, and juice boxes. Try to stay away from any foods that can cause a big mess. Also, keep in mind that you should have these snacks available both in your new and old home.

3. Extra packing supplies

Extra packing supplies include extra boxes, shrink wrap, paper peanuts, heavy duty tape, bubble wrap and permanent markers. These are important to keep around on moving day because even if you think you have packed away absolutely everything, there might be something you’ve forgotten. You might also need these items when rearranging or remarking some boxes.

4. Toiletries

Odds are your unpacking will take place on the day after you move which means not having any of your items right on hand. You don’t need to be rummaging around your boxes for your toilet paper, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush. Keep these in the bathroom and then take them with you in a plastic bag as you make your final move to your new home.

5. Towels and pajamas

You and your family will be absolutely exhausted after you finish moving. By the end of the day, you’ll be dying to get a warm shower and put on a clean pair of pajamas. It is best to have your clean towel and pajamas ready beforehand so that you don’t pass out in your jeans.

6. Your chargers

You really should not pack your laptop and phone charger in the moving boxes. Odds are you will be using these items all day while you move, so there is no point in packing them away and then taking time to look for them when you finally need them.

7. Your moving checklist

You should keep your moving checklist with you throughout moving day. Check all items you complete as soon as they are done to keep yourself on track. This is important so you don’t forget to do anything before you finally leave your old home.

There are lots of things that need to be done or redone on moving day, which is why you need to keep all the above supplies handy. Keeping these items around on moving day will help ease the stress of the move, as well as keep you from running to the store every few minutes. To make the process smoother and hassle-free, be sure to hire the best moving companies in Dubai like ISS Relocations through ServiceMarket.

ISS Relocations is a wholly owned subsidiary of ISS Global Forwarding with ISO 9001- 2015 & IAM Governing Membership. Also having membership @ prestigious EUROMOVERS, BAR ( British  Association of removers) & ARA ( Asian Relocations Association) Headquartered in Dubai, they focus on end-to-end supply chain logistics. Their services include international moves, pet relocation, local moves, local office moves, pickup and delivery service, packing/unpacking, and storage options.

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