Did You Know About These Additional Costs Charged by International Movers?

Moving can break your bank if you don’t budget properly, which is why people are often concerned about hidden charges. There are some additional costs that international movers and packers in Dubai generally don’t include in the quote they give to customers. To help you prepare your moving budget accurately, ServiceMarket has put together this list of additional moving costs you should keep in mind.

Most reputable relocation services in Dubai are likely to clearly specify all exclusions on the quotation document and it is important that customer reads through these carefully.

Consider duty fees: Duties are never included in the cost, although companies will be able to give you a rough idea of the duties you will have to pay on things like your electronics and your car. So, be sure to discuss this in advance.

Make sure destination handling fees are included: There are substantial handling fees that are charged at destination by the ports that receive your goods. Make sure they are included as part of your quote so you avoid having to make additional payments.

You might have to pay an examination fee: Any X-rays or examinations required during the move are not usually included in the quotation.

Remember insurance: Insurance, which is highly recommended, is also an additional cost and if you require any storage for your items during the move, then you will need to add the cost associated with this.

Keep handyman services in mind: Although the moving company will unpack the items, if you have selected a door-to-door service, handyman services are usually additional. So, if you need shelves putting up or curtains fitting then this will be an additional cost.

Higher costs for higher floors: Moving companies may charge more if the destination is above 1st floor level, so if you are moving to a high level apartment, with no elevator, this is something you should specify in advance.

Many times the difference in quotations is linked to the exclusions, so people should read through these carefully. For example, if you are shipping to Australia, then you will need AQIS (quarantine). This is something that some companies leave out of their quotes and it is expensive, so sometimes cheaper quotes can work out to be more expensive in the long-run.

Be sure to follow this comprehensive moving checklist. Now it’s easier than ever before to find vetted movers and packers in Dubai. You can compare free quotes and read reviews on ServiceMarket with a few simple clicks!   

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