Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Carpenter in Dubai

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Carpenter in Dubai

Finding a carpenter in Dubai that suits your exact requirements could prove to be a challenge. You need to find someone who sees your vision of the finished product and also has the relevant qualifications. In this article, ServiceMarket brings you questions you should be asking prospective carpenters before you hire them.

What are your qualifications? Did you do an apprenticeship?

A trained carpenter in Dubai who did an apprenticeship and has a qualification will have the skills and know-how that self-taught carpenters don’t. They will also have had the additional benefit of learning on the job with a mentor, adding years to their experience in the field. Many carpenters in Dubai are required to have a valid qualification in order to practice their trade in the United Arab Emirates.

Do you clean up at the end of each workday and when the project is complete?

Let’s be honest – nobody likes to be left with an untidy house, especially one that a contractor has left behind. Carpentry is a messy job that has the potential to leave sawdust, wood cut-offs and nails scattered all across the room the carpenter is working in. Cleaning up at the end of every day is a minimum requirement as part of the service that they are offering, as it will reflect well on them and leave you less likely to become irate. It is especially important if you have children and pets, as they are bound to become inquisitive and want to inspect the room the Dubai carpenter is working in. If the room is not tidy, there is a high risk of them getting sawdust in their eyes, splinters from the wood cut-offs or even stepping on stray nails.

This requirement is also a must at the end of the project and you should make sure that the carpenter leaves the room as he found it when we began the job to save you from any (potentially dangerous) surprises later on.

Do you have a complaints process in place in case I am not happy with the finished product? Are there any warranties or guarantees on the finished product?

Any work done from scratch is a risk. The finished product may not quite be what you had hoped for or the quality of the work may be less than satisfactory. A good carpenter in Dubai who is well established and cares about his reputation will have a complaints procedure. This requirement is non-negotiable. This standard procedure (outlined in the contract) is something that is put into place to protect both the contractor and you, the client. There should also be a refund policy if the work is really not satisfactory or you have not found a way to resolve the problem. Having these in place mitigates the breakdown of your working relationship, especially in cases where the carpenter has been hired for a long-term project.

A warranty is an agreement to repair or replace an object within a specified period of time and a guarantee is an assurance that the product you order will be of a specific quality. You would look for these when buying a piece of furniture and you should ask the same of your carpenter when contracting them to build something for you. These are just added extras that offer you peace of mind that your carpenter is a professional and can run projects to a certain standard.

Will you provide references for me to contact about your work history?

Don’t be shy to ask your potential Dubai carpenter for names and numbers of his previous clients. This is a great way of getting to know more about the carpenter, the scope of his work is, the quality of his work and what he is like to deal with on a day to day basis. Asking for dates of work done with these references is a great way of establishing how recently he last worked. If there has been a significant time lapse in his work history, be sure to question why. Any professional that you want to hire should be able to provide you with at least three contact details his previous clients and you should not hesitate to call them up to get first-hand reviews.

Carpentry in Dubai is a skill that is not in short supply. But finding the right professional for your project can be challenging. It is important to see how the shortlisted carpenters in Dubai answer the above questions. You can get free quotes from qualified and licensed carpenters on ServiceMarket.

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