How to Keep Your Dubai Home Cool This Summer

Besides keeping the AC on, you can take several simple steps to make your Dubai home cooler and more comfortable during the summer months. The experts at ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for AC maintenance and repair services, have put together some tips to help you do so. This guide also includes some effective ways to cut down your electricity bills.    

Never underestimate AC service

When the air filters of your AC unit get dirty, they can restrict airflow. If your AC hasn’t been serviced, then it will have to work harder to keep your room cool and can also cause a significant increase in your electricity bills. It’s important to book an AC service in Dubai quarterly and get the AC ducts cleaned at least once a year. Be sure to get your AC repaired as soon as you notice an issue like decrease in cooling or airflow. After all, you don’t want your AC to break down in the sweltering heat. Even as simple a step as cleaning air filters can help you save as much as 10 per cent on your bills. AC cleaning services in Dubai cost as little as AED 179 (excluding VAT).       

The right AC settings matter

It’s recommended by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) that you should set your AC at 24 degrees. Your AC bill can increase by 9 per cent every time you decrease the temperature by a degree. You can keep your ceiling fan on if you’re running your air conditioner at a higher thermostat setting.  

Insulate your windows  

If you have thin windows, then consider investing in windows that are tinted and have double pane glass as they provide better insulation and help your rooms retain the cooling. Your existing windows can be tinted as well. You should also choose curtains, blinds, or shades that can block sunlight, especially for East and West facing windows.  

Seal your rooms

It goes without saying that if there are ways for the hot air to enter and cool air to leave your room, then it won’t cool down properly even if your AC is running at its full capacity. Consider hiring a handyman to ensure all openings, vents, and gaps are properly sealed.   

Minimize humidity

Dubai’s summers are not only hot but can also be very humid. The more humid your home is, the hotter it will feel. Humidity can also cause mold, mildew, and allergies. You don’t need to worry about humidity in rooms and areas of your home that are air conditioned as ACs remove moisture from the air. However, if some of the rooms are not air conditioned or if you don’t keep it on constantly to cut down your electricity bills, then you should take steps to reduce the level of humidity. For example, you should consider taking shorter showers and keep your bathrooms and kitchens dry. Make sure rooms without air conditioning have proper ventilation.  

Choose lights smartly

Since traditional bulbs release more heat than the latest types of light bulbs like LED lights, you should consider replacing them to keep your home cooler. Another benefit of LED lights is that they consume less energy, which means that they will also help you save money.  

Don’t ignore your outdoor spaces

While ensuring that your rooms remain cool, keep your garden in mind as well. You can plant trees for not just shade in the garden but also to block sunlight before it enters your home through the windows. Consider planting native trees that don’t consume a lot of water. You can even hire a landscaping company in Dubai to build a gazebo.

Whether you’re looking for an AC service in Dubai like AC cleaning, repair, or duct cleaning, or need to hire a handyman, ServiceMarket can help you book a wide variety of vetted home maintenance services online.  

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