How a Deep Tissue Massage Enhances Your Home Spa Dubai Experience

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Are you aware of the benefits of deep tissue massage for your health? To treat or refresh your body, you can now enjoy spa at-home services in Dubai. The deep tissue massage is particularly effective for adhesions, muscular knots, blood clots, and ankylosing spondylitis. Make sure to ask for this massage next time you schedule a home massage in Dubai. 

However, before you book massage at home services, it is critical to understand which areas of your body are giving you problems so that you can tell your massage therapist.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits from a Home Spa in Dubai

This massage is quite beneficial to the human body since it aids in the appropriate functioning of the body’s organs. It also boosts the nervous system’s performance. The following are some other benefits.

1: Treats Adhesions

When muscles, tendons, or ligaments become inflexible, they form adhesions. This can limit movement, prevent blood flow, and cause stiffness. Left untreated, adhesions can become worse, blocking circulation and leading to further pain and injury. Luckily, deep tissue massage is a fantastic solution. 

Trigger points are neuromuscular points found in the center of muscle fibers. During the massage, trigger points are manipulated to break down the scar tissue. When squeezed, these spots can become painful. Using pressure to loosen these knots will help the therapist break up the scar tissue, allowing blood to flow to the damaged area and healing to begin.

2: Heals Muscle Knots

Muscle knots can be painful to the touch, but they are not one long mass of tissue. Muscle knots are not actual knots; instead, they are a collection of several contracted fibers raised enough to resemble a knot. The presence of knots can also indicate microtrauma or acute trauma to deep muscle layers. Deep tissue massage can relieve this muscle tension. Your therapist will concentrate on the connective tissue as well as the normal muscles. Through a mix of strong pressure and moderate strokes, deep tissue massage can relieve uncomfortable muscle knots and realign deeper muscle layers. 

3: Prevents Blood Clots

While there are some risks associated with getting a tissue massage, there are also several benefits. So, people who have blood clots should consult their doctor before getting a deep tissue massage in Dubai. This type of massage helps to prevent blood clots because the process involves pressure that dislodges the clot. It also prevents it from remaining in the body. 

4: Eases Symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis mobility is a progressive, inflammatory disorder of the bones and joints, most notably the sacroiliac joints of the pelvis. Other areas of the body can be affected by this disorder, such as the tendons, peripheral joints, and extra-articular sites. 

A study by Poznan University of Medical Sciences compared the effectiveness of deep tissue massage in patients with ankylosing spondylitis by randomly assigning ten sessions. The outcomes measured the subjects’ responses to the massage by changing the level of pain and reducing stiffness. This method proved to be quite effective in improving both the pain and functional status of those patients.

5: Reduces Bruising

Among the many benefits of deep tissue massage is its ability to reduce bruising. A bruise is caused by a traumatic injury that ruptures the capillaries and releases red blood cells. However, bruises can also occur even if there is no actual injury. Blood can become stagnant in the body tissues, and massage, stretching, and deep breathing can help release it. While this sort of massage can sometimes leave a slight bruise, it is perfectly normal and will subside in two to three days.

6: Promotes Circulation

Aside from the usual benefits of a spa at home in Dubai, this technique also promotes healthy circulation and activates the lymphatic system, which helps clear waste products from the body. Because tissue massage involves a deeper, more rooted level of tissue, it does not risk spreading infection. 

7: Helps With Weight Loss

Deep tissue massage helps break up fat stores and breaks them down for absorption. It also increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow, which aids in detoxification and weight loss. This massage is effective for losing body weight. So, if you’re overweight, deep tissue massage may be the perfect remedy. You can even combine it with other forms of exercise to achieve the desired weight loss results.


Deep tissue massage makes you feel comfortable for the whole day. The best thing to do is to relax and avoid caffeine, as you may feel soreness and fatigue after the massage. That is also the reason why you should go for a massage at home service in Dubai instead of going out to a salon.

You can easily book a session with the best home spas in Dubai on ServiceMarket. Once done, your job is to simply enjoy the experience.

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