How Much Do Massages Cost in Dubai?

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Having a massage service in Dubai is considered to be a luxury. It is a treat that you can enjoy on a special occasion or whenever you feel like unwinding. Booking a massage home service Dubai doesn’t have to cost the earth! Surprisingly, some services are affordable.   

Regular sessions of massages can actually improve your health, relieve muscle aches, and release stress. From a regular foot and hand massage to a deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and couples massage, spas in Dubai offer all kinds of massage home service.

What’s the Cost of Massage Home Service Dubai?

The price of a massage depends on the type, length of the session, and location. Since you will be availing a massage at home, you can expect it to be a bit affordable compared to an at-salon session. 

Here is a quick rundown of the prices of the most popular massage services in Dubai based on different session lengths:

Disclaimer: These prices are just a starting point. The actual cost of service may differ depending on the type of massage and session duration. 

1: Basic Body Scrub and Body Massage 

One of the most common types of massage is body massage. It is intended to work out the entire body, target sore muscles, and help relieve stress. This massage starts from the back, reaching the shoulders, then feet, legs, back, arms and hand, and then the head. 

You can also book separate massages for hands, feet, and back. Some salons also offer body scrubs for which they obviously charge extra. Check the average rates before booking any service:

Type of ServicePrice in AEDSession Duration
Body Scrub120Varies by Salon
Hand Massage40Varies by Salon
Foot Massage90Varies by Salon
Back Massage60Varies by Salon
Head, neck, and shoulder massage8530 minutes
Head, neck, and shoulder massage10060 minutes

2: Body Massage (Prenatal and Postnatal)

A massage session during pregnancy sounds absolutely heavenly. Whether it’s throbbing back pain, sore hips, or swollen feet, a massage can fix it all. Lots of salons now offer massage at home services for pregnant ladies to make them feel comfortable and unwind. Some also offer Postnatal body massage (a massage offered after delivery) for muscle relief after delivery. 

A body massage during pregnancy or after delivery is safe to perform. However, it’s important to use just the right amount of pressure. Hence, only a therapist trained in prenatal massage performs these types of massages. 

Depending on the length of the session, here are the prices of prenatal and postnatal body massages in Dubai:

Type of ServicePrice in AEDSession Duration
Body Massage – Prenatal30060 minutes
Body Massage – Prenatal40090 minutes
Body Massage – Postnatal30060 minutes
Body Massage – Postnatal40090 minutes

3: Deep Tissue Massage 

A deep tissue massage therapy is similar to a Swedish massage, except the therapist uses slow yet firm pressure to relieve muscle tension. As the name implies, the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia are areas of focus. You can refer to this article on Deep Tissue Massage in Dubai for more details.

Here is the rundown of the price of a deep tissue massage per session:

Type of ServicePrice in AEDSession Duration
Deep Tissue Massage30060 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage40090 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage500120 minutes

4: Thai Massage

Unlike a traditional massage, the client must lie on the floor so that the therapist can use their hands to relax and manipulate the muscles. For more details you can refer to this article on Thai massage in Dubai.

Type of ServicePrice in AEDSession Duration
Thai Massage30060 minutes
Thai Massage40090 minutes
Thai Massage500120 minutes

5: Swedish Massage 

Designed to energize the body and improve overall health, a Swedish massage helps target tight muscles and promote blood circulation. It also helps you relax and unwind.

For more details, read this article on Swedish Massage techniques and benefits. Here’s the average price of a Swedish massage session in Dubai:

Type of ServicePrice in AEDSession Duration
Swedish Massage30060 minutes
Swedish Massage40090 minutes
Swedish Massage500120 minutes

6: Couples Massage 

This massage is perfect for couples who are looking forward to relaxing and unwinding together. You can share this pampering experience with your significant other, or a friend or it can even be a mother-daughter duo!

This is what the cost of a couples massage session looks like: 

Type of ServicePrice in AEDSession Duration
Couples Massage50060 minutes
Couples Massage60090 minutes
Couples Massage700120 minutes

Factors Influencing Cost

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of at-home massages in Dubai.

Spa Reputation and Class

Well-established spas with a reputation for exceptional service and skilled therapists may command higher prices, reflecting the quality of the overall experience.

Type of Massage

Each type of massage requires specific skills and resources, that impact the overall cost. Specialized massages, such as those incorporating exotic oils or techniques, may command a higher fee due to the unique expertise involved.

Duration of the Massage

Typically, spas offer massages in increments of 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Longer sessions naturally come with a higher price tag, reflecting the extended time and resources dedicated to ensuring a comprehensive and relaxing experience.

Therapist’s Expertise

Dubai attracts highly trained professionals from around the world, and establishments may charge more for services provided by therapists with advanced certifications or extensive experience.

Don’t Wait to Pamper Yourself!

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