How Much Do Abu Dhabi Maintenance Companies Charge for Their Services?

abu dhabi maintenance companies

A lot of people who think about moving to Abu Dhabi usually want to know about the cost of hiring an Abu Dhabi maintenance company. Or, if home maintenance costs can vary depending on the types of services you need.  

In this blog, you can see the average monthly costs of Abu Dhabi maintenance companies and plan your budget accordingly. You may need repair and maintenance, painting, carpentry, cleaning, and various other services.

Services by Abu Dhabi Maintenance Companies & Their Cost 

Usually, an Abu Dhabi maintenance company offers you a complete set of standard services. These include handyman services, water tank cleaning, pool maintenance,  and deep cleaning.

The following are the usual maintenance services you can get along with their average costs: 

1: Handyman Service

Cost AED 130 to AED 1,000 

Handyman services usually cover routine repairs and fixes. You can get help with different repairs and maintenance chores from a handyman. A benefit of hiring a handyman is that you do not have to own a complete range of tools as they bring their own. You can expect to pay AED 130 per hour for the service. So, the total monthly cost may vary depending on the type of work. 

2: Water Tank Cleaner 

Cost AED 700 to AED 1,400  

Water tank cleaning is another task that is better left to experts. A single water tank cleaning session can cost you around AED 700 depending on your service provider. However, you don’t need to clean your water tank every month. Generally, people get water cleaning services once or twice a year. But if you have two water tanks, cleaning both tanks will cost you AED 1400. 

3: Carpenter

Cost AED 130 to AED 2000

A professional carpenter can help you with tasks like repairs to your furniture, doors, cupboards, and everything made of wood. Like most repairs, such repairs are usually required when you are not ready. So, the expense of carpentry in your monthly home maintenance budget is worth considering. The cost of a professional carpenter starts at AED 130 and goes up depending on the time it takes for repairs. 

4: Plumber

Cost AED 130 to AED 1000

Burst pipes, leaking faucets, and clogged drains are the type of plumbing emergencies that usually happen when you least expect them. So, you can consider adding an estimated plumbing expense to your monthly maintenance budget. A professional plumber can resolve all types of plumbing issues for you. Usually, the cost of a plumber depends on the type of service. You can consider the average cost of a plumber starting from AED 130 per hour. 

5: Swimming Pool Maintenance 

Cost AED 350 to AED 500 

If your house has a swimming pool, maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi can help you with its regular upkeep and cleaning. Standard swimming pool maintenance can cost you AED 350 to AED 500 monthly. These service costs usually include cleaning, pump maintenance, and any required swimming pool chemicals. So, you can rely on these companies for a fully functional and well-maintained pool.

6: Electrician

Cost AED 130 to AED 1000

Like plumbing, you will probably not need the services of an electrician every month. However, it is still best to have a budget for emergency electrical maintenance. The costs of such maintenance depend on the complexity of a task. To get an idea of an expense, you can calculate the costs at the hourly rate of AED 130 for the services of a professional electrician.


If you opt for all of the above home services by Abu Dhabi maintenance companies, you can expect to pay an approximate sum of AED 3500 to AED 8000. And that’s without utility bills and property rent (if any).  

So, if you are planning on moving to Abu Dhabi and want a well-maintained residence, these are the estimated monthly costs you can expect to pay. An easy way to book maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi is through ServiceMarket. They can connect you with reliable and vetted companies at remarkable rates.

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