How Much Do Luxury Salon at Home Services Cost in Abu Dhabi?

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In Abu Dhabi, the services of luxury salons at-home provide an extensive range of options, from mani pedi, and hair spa, to wax, deep facial, makeup, and more. However, each beauty treatment carries its own associated cost. This blog is your guide to a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the treatments offered by luxury home salon services in Abu Dhabi, ensuring you make informed decisions tailored to your beauty regimen. 


There are many options available for nail services, ranging from basic manicures and pedicures to intricate nail art and acrylic upgrades. More elaborate designs or specialty procedures, such as gel or artificial nails, fall on the high-end treatments. Basic nail treatments are typically more economical.  

Service Estimated Cost Service  Estimated Cost 
Signature Manicure AED 90 Change Polish (Hands or Feet) AED 45 
Signature Pedicure AED 110 Signature French Manicure AED 100 
Signature Mani and Pedi AED 199 Signature French Pedicure AED 120 
Breathable Nails Manicure AED 100 French Mani Pedi by Orly AED 209 
Breathable Nails Pedicure AED 120 Gel Manicure – With Removal AED 215 
Breathable Nail Polish Mani Pedi AED 209 Gel Manicure – Without Removal AED 150 
Acrylic Nails Extension (Natural) AED 360 Gel Pedicure – With Removal AED 220 
Acrylic Nails Extension (French) AED 420 Gel Pedicure – Without Removal AED 155 
Acrylic Nails Overlay (Natural) AED 315 Gel Mani Pedi – With Removal AED 365 
Acrylic Nails Overlay (French) AED 370 Gel Mani Pedi – Without Removal AED 300 
Acrylic Nails Refill (Natural) AED 200 Gel Polish Removal (Hands or Feet) AED 65 
Acrylic Nails Refill (French) AED 250 Acrylic Extensions Removal (Hands or Feet) AED 150 

Hair Spa         

Professional hair treatments, such as Keratin, and Botox, require great care. Therefore, the service costs depend on the procedure’s sensitivity and technicality. Extra fees may apply for extra services like deep conditioning or specialty styling. 

Service Estimated Cost Service  Estimated Cost 
Brazilian Keratin Treatment – Short Hair AED 950 
Botox Treatment – Short Hair AED 525 
Brazilian Keratin Treatment – Medium Hair AED 1150 Botox Treatment – Medium Hair AED 725 
Brazilian Keratin Treatment – Long Hair AED 1399 Botox Treatment – Long Hair AED 955 


Prices for waxing are usually based on the area. For example, the cost of waxing your eyebrows will be different from the cost of waxing your legs. Moreover, these costs may also vary depending on the type of wax used, and the experience of the professional. 

Service Estimated Cost Service                            Estimated Cost 
Full Arms       AED 80 Full Legs AED 100 
Half Arms AED 60 Half Legs AED 80 
Underarms AED 50 Bikini AED 50 
Full Brazilian AED 130 Full Back AED 80 
Half Brazilian AED 75 Half Back AED 60 
Stomach AED 80 Full Body AED 400 
Full Body with Bikini    AED 480 Full Body with Brazilian AED 480 
Eyebrows waxing AED 50 Eyebrows Threading AED 50 
Upper Lips waxing AED 30 Upper Lips Threading AED 30 
Full Face AED 100 Full Face Threading AED 100 
Forehead Threading AED 30 

Eyes & Brows 

Threading, tinting, and eyelash extensions are examples of eye and brow procedures. Eyelash extensions costs are dependent on their density, while brow threading or shaping is comparatively less expensive. The complexity of the service and the at-home salon’s reputation may also influence the total cost. 

Service Estimated Cost   Service  Estimated Cost 
Classic eyelash full set (Natural look)      AED 350 Russian eyelash full set (Glam Look) AED 420 
Classic eyelash half set (Natural Look) AED 250 Russian eyelash half set (Glam Look) AED 350 
Classic eyelash refill AED 200 Russian eyelash refill AED 250 
Lashlift AED 175 Brow Shaping (threading or threading)    AED 50 
Lashlift and Tint AED 250 Brow Shaping and Tinting AED 150 
Brow Lamination and Tinting AED 250 


The cost of a facial depends on the kind, length, and also the reputation of the at-home salon. While more sophisticated procedures like chemical peels or microdermabrasion can cost more, a basic facial tends to be on the lower end. Expensive at-home spas usually charge more for their luxury facials that incorporate premium skincare products. 

Service Estimated Cost Service  Estimated Cost 
Dermalogica Deep Cleansing Facial AED 335 Dermalogica Skin Tightening Facial AED 400 
Dermalogica Anti-Aging Facial AED 400 Dermalogica Acne Treatment Facial   AED 400 
Dermalogica Hydration Booster Facial   AED 350 

Make Up 

From minor touches to complete looks, make up services encompass a broad spectrum. Glam looks are not cheap when it comes to cost as compared tothe daily make upd. The complexity of the look, the makeup artist’s skill, and any additional services impact total costs. 

Service Estimated Cost Service  Estimated Cost 
No Make Up Make Up  AED 650 Day Make Up and Hair AED 900 
Glam Make Up AED 750 Glam Make Up and Hair AED 1000 
Extra Glam Make Up AED 850 Extra Glam Make Up and Hair  AED 1100 


Knowing about the cost of beauty and grooming treatments gives you the power to make well-informed decisions. Though costs depend on many variables, such as location and salon reputation, investing in self-care is an important part of general well-being.  

Book luxury salon at home services in Abu Dhabi through the ServiceMarket website. Now that you know the cost and the available variety for all your at-home beauty needs, it is time for you to prioritize your self-care. 

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