How Much Do Salon Services at Home Cost in Abu Dhabi

cost of salon services at home in Abu Dhabi

Having access to a women’s salon at-home service in Abu Dhabi is both a convenience and a great way of saving money on fuel. Women can easily get their desired salon service without leaving the comfort of their homes. This is a huge blessing for those who find it difficult to take some time out of their busy schedule to visit a salon. They can simply opt for beauty services at home in Abu Dhabi to get a fresh look instantly.  

Contrary to what most women expect, the cost of salon services at home in Abu Dhabi is affordable. Moreover, considering all the advantages and conveniences it provides, trying this service appears to be worthwhile.

What Is the Cost of Salon Services at Home in Abu Dhabi?

Although different at-home salons offer almost similar services including hair, makeup, and skin, the prices vary from company to company. The cost is based on the products they use and the duration of the service. Here are some of the most popular services in Abu Dhabi along with their approximate prices:

1. Hair Services

Opting for an at-home salon means you no longer have to struggle with a lack of privacy. You can simply have a haircut at home as you sit comfortably in your lounge, watching your favorite show, or completing an important task on your laptop. You can refer to our article on the cost of hair services at home in Abu Dhabi for more details.

2. Facials

If there is one thing women shouldn’t feel guilty about investing in, it is their skin, more specifically, their face! Facials are not just relaxing; if done right, they help you look fresher and ready to take on the world. It is one of the many salon services at home you can opt for. Whether you choose to get a cleansing facial or a Hollywood facial, these estheticians use high-quality skincare products.

Depending on the kind of facial you pick and the products it involves, these services can last around 1 hour and cost anything from AED 150 to AED 500.

CleansingAED 150
Herbal FacialAED 200
Casmara FacialAED 240
Hollywood (Gold) FacialAED 500
Dr. Renaud FacialAED 250

3. Nails

Are manicures and pedicures your way of relaxing on the weekend? If yes, you will enjoy getting this service at home. Apart from mani and pedi, home salon services also include nail extensions, callus treatments, polish removal, and nail art. You can call the manicurist or a nail technician at home, order some food, or call your friends over and make a day out of it. You can refer to this article for more details on the cost of manicure and pedicure at home in Abu Dhabi.

4. Waxing/Threading

Waxing is one of the most popular home salon services in Abu Dhabi. These are private and intimate services, so most females prefer getting them done in the privacy of their homes. The session takes about 1.5 hours, depending on which service you choose. The service can usually cost up to AED 400.

Bikini waxingAED 100
Full arms waxingAED 50
Legs waxing (Honey)AED 90
Eyebrows threadingAED 35
Full face threadingAED 100

5. Massage Services

Massage is perhaps among those services that women would want to have from a salon at home in Abu Dhabi. There are different types of massages such as body scrubs, back massages, prenatal and postnatal body massages, etc. Each service has its list of products and time duration. Therefore, the prices can vary according to what you choose. Usually, they cost a minimum of AED 40 for a hand massage and go up to AED 700 for a couples massage.

Body scrubAED 120
Back massageAED 60
Aromatherapy (60 minutes)AED 300
Reflexology (60 minutes)AED 300
Swedish Massage (120 minutes)AED 500


Apart from being convenient, private, and immensely comfortable, the affordable cost of salon services at home in Abu Dhabi further encourages women to opt for this lifestyle. If you wish to try it for the first time, let ServiceMarket help you book salon at home services in Abu Dhabi. They will ensure that you get the right one. Also, make sure you regularly visit their website to see if they are offering any promotional deals.